10 Things to Do in Miami This Weekend (January 24th – January 26th)

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10 Things to Do in Miami This Weekend (January 24th – January 26th)

Date: Feb 24, 2020
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Find the perfect experiences and events in Miami with our daily curated guides. Whether you’re looking for things to do in Miami, Wynwood, Brickell, Design District, Coral Gables or Miami Beach our local curators have been living, working and playing in the ‘Magic City’ and are passionate about seeking and sharing their most recent discoveries here for your convenience and enjoyment.

The Embodiment Experience: Module 1

The Embodiment Experience

The JourneyDance™ Embodiment Experience will move you through deep, personal exploration into a loving, intimate relationship with your body, your self, your community and source energy. In this experience you will:

Embrace and integrate all parts of yourself.
Release the mind clutter and make space for the abundance of joy available to you. Express the inner realms of your heart and listen deeply, Create this powerful dancing ritual in community and open to your highest vibration. Come out of isolation into connection with like minded community, Emerge from numbness into feeling, giving even the difficult parts a place in your heart, Feel your power, your inner worth and awaken your joy!

Your journey begins with a 5-day intensive with Toni Bergins creator of JourneyDance™. As you embody the flow of JourneyDance™ you’ll tap deeply into your inner power, presence, wisdom, clarity and confidence that emerge through embodiment and expressive processes, and lots and lots of dancing! You will also learn to use your unique voice, empowered leadership and embodied expression to guide others in finding their voice and power through the creative process of JourneyDance.

Inhale Miami
6310 NE 2nd Ave, 
Miami, Florida 3313

Nu Deco at Citadel ft. Hurray For The Riff Raff

Nu Deco at Citadel ft. Hurray For The Riff Raff

Nu Deco is back at The Citadel with for a night of music by Steven Freund, Caroline Shaw, and Jonathan Bailey Holland, a special collaboration with the eclectic indie-ensemble Hurray for the Riff Raff, and the music of Fleetwood Mac.

Come early to enjoy local artisanal foods in the adjoining food hall and sip on handcrafted cocktails on the rooftop which features a 360-degree view of the city.

The Citadel
8300 NE 2nd Ave, 
Miami, Florida 33138

Food Trucks Fridays Fiesta Tropical Park

Food Trucks Fridays Fiesta Tropical Park

best South Florida community event and family’s festival to all ages to enjoy on every Fridays from 5pm to 10pm with plenty of free parking!!!
Bring your blankets and chairs. Tell your neighbors and friends to join us for great evening of fun to all and happiness with great South Florida food trucks, music, bouncehouse, kids activities.

  • Latinfixins
  • motysgrill
  • Amaize
  • bubbles fresh
  • Papamix
  • milk shake truck
  • sandwich Giuseppe
  • sweet dreams
  • cousinsmainelobster
  • potato corner
  • tropical oasis
Food Trucks Fridays Fiesta Tropical Park
7900 sw 40th st, 
Miami, Florida 33155

Sounds in the Hall ft. TGTG

Sounds in the Hall ft. TGTG

Join us every Saturday night from 7pm – 10pm for live music in The Citadel Food Hall. We feature local musicians playing acoustic and singer-songwriter style sets that are perfect to enjoy with friends and family. Nomadic travelers and musicians TGTG return to The Citadel Saturday January 25th for Sounds in the Hall.

The Citadel Food Hall offers food and drinks from a wide range of restaurant concepts while enjoying the music. Specialty cocktails, local beers on tap and a large selection of wines by the bottle and glass. Bottles of Champagne starting at $20. Eats by: Taquiza (Tacos), Palmar (Asian Fusion), Rare Burger, Society BBQ, Manjay (Caribbean), Ash! Pizza, 33 Kitchen (Peruvian), Vice City Bean, Palma Juice Co, Meet N Cheese

8300 NE 2nd Ave, 
Miami, Florida 33138

Black Lips, Plastic Pinks. Palomino Blond & Danny Kokomo –

Black Lips, Plastic Pinks. Palomino Blond & Danny Kokomo –

The story of the Black Lips began in Dunwoody, Georgia, a quiet, conservative suburb of Atlanta, in the year 1999. Born of a mutual love of Link Wray, The Stooges, and The Ramones, and sealed through a shared dedication to defiance, the band formed after childhood friends Jared Swilley and Cole Alexander were kicked out of Dunwoody High for separate, yet equally bad, behavior. The former classmates took their love of music and restless energy and channeled it into their newly found free time, and joined by friends Ben Eberbaugh and Joe Bradley, the Black Lips started playing shows around Atlanta, at house parties and bars. They spent this time honing their sound – garage rock infused with blues, psychedelia, and punk, plus a healthy dose of reckless abandon – and released their first 7-inch, “Ain’t Coming Back,” in 2002 on Die Slaughterhouse records (named in homage to the flophouse den they called home). Shortly before the band was set to head out on their first ever national tour, Eberbaugh was tragically killed by a drunk driver. Devastated but determined to carry on in Eberbaugh’s honor, the Black Lips hit the road as a trio just a few days later.

It’s been 15 years, but that passionate dedication to touring has never left the band. The Black Lips have released eight full-length albums since that first tour, and have traveled the country and the world extensively, making a name for themselves as an electrifying, must-see live act. It helps that the same mischievous spirit that helped speed up their exit from the educational system is still very much alive, thriving in its new environment on stage, resplendent with punk rock theatrics and miscellaneous bodily fluids, amongst other things. The band’s energy and unique “flower punk” sound helped them build a rabid fan base, and after releasing their first two albums through Bomp!, they put out the critically celebrated Let It Bloom on In The Red records. This record garnered the Black Lips features in Spin and Rolling Stone, and they were soon signed to Vice Records, subsequently releasing Los Valientos Del Mundo Nuevo, an ambitious album recorded live at a bar in Tijuana, Mexico, in February of 2007.

In their decade-long tenure with Vice, the Black Lips have evolved from wildly crooning over fuzzy, raucous music at house shows full of kids to wildly crooning over fuzzy, raucous music at international festivals in front of thousands of fans. They have toured consistently, with their zeal for travel taking them all over the world, and not without some international adventure: In 2009 the Black Lips went on their first (and last) tour of India, playing shows in Bangalore and Mumbai before chaos struck in Chennai after the band ditched their toned-down presence in favor of classic Black Lips capers, including some not so well received Lips-locking. After the same sex smooching and also Alexander baring his butt to the rowdy crowd, the tour’s sponsors pulled out and the band was nearly jailed, their passports confiscated by the disgruntled promoters. According to Swilley: “The first few shows, we were being really reserved because we didn’t want to offend anyone, but they kept telling us to do what we wanted…I guess “do whatever you want” didn’t include kissing each other, and I think Cole mooned the crowd, which is a huge no-no. We had to physically wrestle our passports back from the promoters. It was the scariest 15 hours of my life, but we got out of there.” The band ended up taking a 200 mile cab ride to the next province and hopped a flight to Berlin, narrowly escaping Indian prison.

Undeterred, the band jumped at the chance to become the first Western punk band to tour another notoriously conservative continent, the Middle East, just a few years later. Why? “It was important for a number of reasons,” Swilley says of the tour. “We’ve always wanted to push boundaries of where we go. Plus, a lot of people told us we couldn’t do it, and anytime someone tells us we can’t do something, then we kind of have to. We have O.D.D, oppositional defiance disorder.” This time, their shows went off without a hitch, and Black Lips played shows for crowds in Jordan, Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraqi Kurdistan, and the United Arab Emirates in 2011 in support of that year’s release of their record Arabia Mountain, produced by Mark Ronson. The title was actually a reference to a mountain in Georgia, but that didn’t stop the Lips from playing the record all over the Middle East, to enthused fans and without causing any further international incidents. “Everyone was really nervous about us going there, but it really went off without a hitch,” adds Swilley. The band also hasn’t abandoned plans to become the first rock band to play on all seven continents, hoping to hit their last remaining one, Antarctica in the near future, and disregarding Metallica’s claim of this achievement: “Just when we were securing the funding, Metallica sniped us. They took a boat, probably a gold plated Versace boat, down there. But they actually didn’t play on land, and they didn’t play with amps, so technically they haven’t played Antarctica. Metallica hasn’t beat us yet.”

For their ninth studio album, the Black Lips have teamed up with Sean Lennon, who got on board to produce Satan’s graffiti or god’s art? in 2016. The Black Lips had formerly worked with Lennon on Arabia Mountain, where Lennon played theramin on several tracks. The band moved up to Lennon’s studio compound on a remote farm in upstate New York, and spent several months living and breathing the new record. This removal from the outside world, plus the return of beloved early guitarist Jack Hines and the exciting addition of new members Oakley Munson on drums and Zumi Rosow (the first female Black Lip) on saxophone, infused the project with a focused, intoxicating liveliness, similar to the spirit that had brought the Black Lips to life in the first place, way back in 1999. Only this time, the band is drawing from nearly two decades of experience and musicianship, and the newness is tethered by familiarity: Munson is a longtime friend of the band, and Rosow has been playing live with the Black Lips for several years now. There’s even a dash of kismet: unbeknownst to the band, after being off the grid for some time, Munson had just recently moved to a cabin a short distance away from Lennon’s compound, and the first time his phone ever rang after he plugged into the wall, Alexander was on the other end, asking him to play.

All of this excitement and immersion created the perfect storm for the Black Lips’ most musically evolved album to date. “It was a really beautiful experience. We were very far from civilization, and we were all living at the studio. We weren’t going home to our own beds every night; that was our whole world, 100% of the time,” says Swilley of the experience. “Making this record was the most wonderful few months of my life. It was by far my favorite time recording an album so far…It was just magic.” The Black Lips were joined by Saul Adamczewski of Fat White Family, who helped co-produce the record with Lennon, plus another rather magical guest: Yoko Ono. “She’s very cosmic,” Swilley says of the celebrated artist and musician, who makes an appearance on a few of the tracks. The final product is urgent and thoughtful, reflecting the growth the Black Lips have experienced since bursting onto the scene (once or twice quite literally on fire), but it’s also true to their original blistering, careening take on rock n’ roll: fuzzy, dirty, and rife with three and four part harmonies. Satan’s graffiti or god’s art? proves that while they may have grown up a bit and changed a few things around, the Black Lips are still as creatively unhinged and exhilarating as ever. Satan’s graffiti or god’s art? is out now on Vice Records.

The Ground
34 NE 11th ST, 
Miami, Florida 33132

Pegasus World Cup 2020

Pegasus World Cup 2020

Blending entertainment, innovation, and thoroughbred horse racing like no other event of its kind, the Pegasus World Cup Championship Invitational Series has captured the attention of the world.

One of the most iconic racing experiences returns to Gulfstream Park on Saturday, January 25, 2020 to deliver heart-pounding thrills, A-list headline performances, gourmet food from five-star Miami restaurants, and VIP hospitality. Join the racing elite and an audience brimming with celebrities, tastemakers, and influencers from around the globe for the ultimate luxury race day and entertainment experience.

Enjoy all the race-day excitement with viewing options that include General Admission, The Walking Ring, Silks, the Grandstand, and more as well as dining in Ten Palms and the Flamingo Room, plus nightlife-style entertainment at the LIV Stretch Village.

Pegasus World Cup Invitational
901 S Federal Highway, 
Miami, Florida 33009

2019-2020 Bacardi Winter Series #2

2019-2020 Bacardi Winter Series #2

The J70 and Melges 24 Class are all set to feature in this exciting line-up of racing in Miami this winter. Hosted between Shake-a-Leg-Miami and Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, the first race weekend for the Bacardi Invitational Winter Series will be 14-15 December 2019, with the next face-off on 25-26th January 2020.

Post-race, the venerable Bacardi Rum brand, the locally-headquartered ‘king of hospitality’ which has sponsored the Bacardi Cup since its inception, will greet and host competitors each evening, with great food, music and plenty of Bacardi rum. The nightly parties make sure the fun continues long after the finish line, as teams and supporters are welcomed to unwind shore side and recount the day’s racing highs and lows.

Bacardi Cup Invitational Regatta
Miami, Florida 33133

An Evening with Isabel Allende

An Evening with Isabel Allende

Presented in collaboration with the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts and Miami Book Fair. Beautifully human in a time when we seem to have forgotten what it is to be that way, A Long Petal of the Sea (Ballantine Hardcover; on sale Jan. 21) follows the lives of a young couple, Roser and Victor, forced to marry for survival and fleeing the Spanish Civil War, first by foot over mountains into France and finally by boat to Chile. Their unconventional love story, with its highs and lows, prevails in the toughest of circumstances as they search for identity, purpose and home. While Allende’s story starts in 1938 and ends in 1994, the parallels to what is happening today in our country, and around the world, are remarkable.

At the 2018 National Book Awards, Allende told the crowd, “Believe in the power of stories. If we listen to another person’s story, if we tell our own story, we start to heal from division and hatred.” In A Long Petal of the Sea, Allende provides us with a story of healing and a reminder that when love is at the foundation, people not only survive but live.

Isabel Allende’s first novel, The House of the Spirits, is universally lauded as magical realism at its best. The book quickly established her as one of the most esteemed storytellers of our time and began a literary legacy that would make her the highest-selling Spanish-language author in the world, with over 75 million copies of her books in print. She received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama and the PEN Center Lifetime Achievement Award.

Through the Isabel Allende Foundation, Allende is a champion for women’s rights worldwide. Her TED talk titled “How To Live Passionately — No Matter Your Age” (with over 3.5 million views) is a must-see. Every $42 ticket includes admission to the event and a copy of A Long Petal of the Sea (available in English and Spanish).

Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts
1300 Biscayne Blvd, 
Miami, Florida 33132

Art Walk Madness2Magic Show Feat @LeBoomin,

Art Walk Madness2Magic Show Feat @LeBoomin,

Come catch performing producer and artist @Draydel & singer songwriter @JilleeParker performing in Miami, Florida in the Art District ArtWalk Wynood with their new album ‘Madness 2 Magic’ in a jaw-dropping Pop-Up Party convertible that doubles as a marketing dream – @LeBoomin! It is the ‘LeBaron that Booms’. Equipped with a turntable and mixer on a custom frame hinge replacing the backseat to DJ, with 28 speakers including two 12″ PA Speakers hovering 6 feet above the car, all powered by a 16,000 watt sound system and accented by 6 LED systems! You wanted to see something unique and never before seen in the world while in Miami, then come check them out in Wynwood this weekend!

This car draws attention from any and all that it encounters by providing viewers with a unique experience that includes live mixes, DJing, artist performances, dancing and on the fly beat making. It has been built over the course of two years, and sports an ‘oil slick’ wrap job with its name, social media and innovative crypto-currency wallets for digital tips.

Only in South Florida for a limited time! Make sure you make your way down to Miami to catch the one-of-a-kind instant party performance this weekend

MANA Wynwood
2250 NW 2nd Avenue, 
Miami, Florida 33127

Yoga with a View at Vizcaya

Yoga with a View at Vizcaya

Join experienced instructor, Arianne Traverso of Om for All Yoga for a 60-minute, all-level vinyasa class. Classes are held in various locations throughout Vizcaya, including the Garden Mound, South Terrace, and other evocative environments through the estate.

The class includes free all-day admission to the museum and gardens. Guests are welcome to spend the rest of the day exploring the gardens and Main House following the class. Come breathe, stretch, and meditate over Vizcaya

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
3251 S Miami Ave, 
Miami, Florida 33129

The Best Experiences in Miami

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