Wine and Reggae Festival Takes Wynwood

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Wine and Reggae Festival Takes Wynwood

Date: Feb 1, 2023
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Sipping Social’s Wine and Reggae Festival took to the design district last night, and brought a packed crowd of over 3000 people to Wynwood Yard for a night of wine, food, and live music.

Ten different wines were available to guests who opted in for the wine tasting, and a bar serving other drinks was there for the rest of the crowd as well.  Food trucks lined one side of the yard, offering special Caribbean-inspired dishes for the event that were designed to be paired with some of the wines for the night. A specialty stand on the opposite side of the yard offered some delicious curry goat for those who were craving a little extra West Indian flavor.

Several local vendors were also in attendance selling things from handmade jewelry to on-the-spot paintings. The photo booth was a hot item as well.

While the tagline for the event included food and wine, French born singer Olivia Daniels and company stole the show, putting the packed crowd on their feet for most of the night. Backed by drums, bass, and a lead guitarist that looked like he was having more fun than the audience, the crew brought the vibes with classic reggae hits including Bob Marley’s ‘Three Little Birds’ and ‘Is This Love.’ The band played several original songs as well that were nothing short of sensational. Towards the end of the set, they even gave the younger crowd something to dance to when they did Magic!’s recent chart-topping single, Rude. They played the chorus a couple extra times at the end for good measure.

The Wine and Reggae Festival was an eventful night that brought together the diverse Miami population to celebrate Caribbean culture. At a more than reasonable price, the event supplied the good vibes that were sure to make your night a blast, all the while supporting the local community. We hope to see the event again in the future.

Check out more on singer Olivia Daniels on Instagram @olivia.daniels_singer.


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