5 Doughnuts Asheville Locals Love

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5 Doughnuts Asheville Locals Love

Date: Jul 10, 2020
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#1 Vortex Doughnuts

Vortex was my first independent doughnut shop I visited in Asheville when they first opened five years ago. They offer both cake and yeast-based doughnut options, which makes it a popular place for the vegan doughnut lovers. My favorite and their most popular is the cinnamon sugar with chocolate drizzle. Vortex also offers an array of coffee options, which pair well with the multitude of doughnuts that are available. Not a coffee drinker like myself? They have hot tea options as well. They are located at 32 Banks Ave., Suite 106 near downtown Asheville.

#2 Hole Doughnuts

Hole is a cute little doughnut shop located in west Asheville off Haywood Rd. What makes this doughnut shop unique, is the open area where you can see your doughnut being prepared, as they are all served hot and fresh.  Their most popular menu item is the Vanilla Glaze, however, I highly recommend the roasted almond sesame. It offers a refreshing savory taste that is a bit different than the traditional flavors you often see.  They are located at 168 Haywood Rd. in West Asheville. 

#3 Duck Donuts

Duck donuts is newish to Asheville and quickly became a hit due to their endless variety of flavor offerings. Yes, you can get your doughnut made to order by choosing your own coating, topping and drizzle.  Currently, they have their fall lineup out to choose from, “Harvest Assortment.” The typical basic white girl that I am, I opted for the Pumpkin Roll doughnut, which is topped with vanilla drizzle.  Love bacon? They currently have a Maple Bacon doughnut which consists of maple icing covered in chunks of bacon. (Not my thing, but once again offerings like this distinguish this chain from the others qualifying it as one of my favs in town!).  They are located just north of downtown at 182 Merrimon Ave. 

#4 DoughP

DoughP is a hidden little gem located downtown in the “Underground Café” in the Jackson building. Their staple doughnuts seem to be the ‘Doughp,’ which is Buttermilk glaze with blueberry and strawberry drizzle and the Blueberry, Rosemary & Lime, which is Fruity blueberry glaze with a floral rosemary & lime drizzle on top. I opted for the Doughp, which did not disappoint. I recommend following them on Instagram before taking a trek and trying to find parking downtown if you are already not staying there. They make a set number of doughnuts per day, so the inventory is limited. They often let customers know via Instagram when they have sold out for the day. They are located at 22 S. Pack Square LL 100 in downtown.

#5 Hendough Chicken & Donuts

Okay so this one may not be in Asheville proper, but it is worth the drive. Most known for their Chicken and biscuits, Hendough also offers a donut selection which is top notch. Can’t decide between a donut and chicken? You’re in luck, because you can get a Donut Breakfast Sandwich, which is bacon, sausage and cheese between two glazed donuts. Those who opt for a donut, can count on staples such as bear claws, decorated cake donuts, filled donuts and for the less adventurous, the basic donut. Hendough is located at 532 Kanuga Rd. in Hendersonville. 

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