7 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy During the Holidays

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7 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy During the Holidays

Date: Sep 17, 2019
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New York — Nov 18, 2015 / (https://www.myprgenie.com) — At this time of year, it’s hard not to get into the festive spirit. We know that indulging in rich food and drink can be tempting, and the opportunity to savor seasonal treats can throw a wrench in the works for pregnant women who may be trying to stick to a clean-eating regime.

To beat the temptation of the holiday season, Baby2Body Founder and CEO Melinda Nicci has compiled some fantastic tips to make the most of the festivities, without compromising on a healthy lifestyle.

1. Keep a healthy diet at the forefront of your mind  

Craving rich, sugary treats is common throughout many pregnancies, as it can indicate a woman’s desire to provide high-caloric, high-fat foods for her baby – and help it survive and thrive in her womb. The holiday season can make these cravings more frequent, as these treats are often on display at parties and family gatherings. When a craving strikes, it’s best to stick to fresh fruit and vegetables or a handful of nuts and raisins to avoid a sugar high – and an inevitable crash later on.

These nutritious, small snacks will satisfy your sweet tooth, and keep your blood sugar levels stable, too.

2. Eat little and often

Big family meals with plates piled high can be incredibly tempting, but eating little and often will make your experience this holiday season a lot more pleasant. During the later stages of pregnancy, your stomach’s capacity will be reduced due to your baby taking up a lot of room, so filling up will prove incredibly uncomfortable. Try eating smaller meals, and place emphasis on foods that offer slow-releasing energy, lean meat and fish, and plenty of fresh veggies.

3. Don’t miss out – have a mocktail

The holidays make for the perfect opportunity to imbibe, but during a pregnancy, alcohol consumption should absolutely be avoided. If you want to join in with the toasts and revelry, try a mocktail – you’ll get all the flavor of a fruity cocktail, without the alcohol.

Here’s the Baby2Body recipe for a delicious, light and festive margarita:


– 2 cups of lemonade

– 1 frozen banana
– 2 tbsp of cashews


– Squeeze fresh lemon juice as desired
– Add some fresh strawberries
– Top it off with ice and blend!

4. Get creative with H2O

We all know drinking water is essential in our day-to-day lives, and during pregnancy, it’s of the utmost importance. However, it can feel boring when everyone else is sipping on eggnog and mulled wine. Liven up your eight glasses a day with a delicious blend of citrus fruits and berries, or try mint and cucumber for a refreshing kick that will keep you hydrated and satisfied!

5. Make easy, delicious swaps

Christmas and Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without an abundance of pumpkin pie and Christmas cake; however, they are loaded with fat and sugar. Swapping decadent desserts for lighter options will keep you feeling trim, reduce bloating and boost your confidence too. Our favorite easy swaps include making a big batch of warming stewed apples, a zesty orange polenta cake, or a seriously easy ice cream alternative with just one ingredient: banana. Pop a banana in the freezer overnight, remove peel, blend and eat immediately – you’ll have a delicious whipped banana pudding that tastes just like your favorite gelato!

6. Exercise, exercise, exercise!

The weather shouldn’t deter you from working out, although the chill of winter can be off-putting. Try and exercise for 20 minutes every day; a brisk walk will get your heart pumping, release endorphins, offer some much needed stress-release, burn calories, and enable you to sleep soundly. Head off for a stroll with a friend or your partner if you need some motivation.

7. Take time to relax and recharge

The holidays can be a stressful period, what with the constant meals and parties, decorations, meal prep and more. We encourage you to practice your meditation techniques, and find some practices that help you unwind and relax. Our preferred methods include closing your eyes for two minutes in a comfortable position and visualizing a beautiful and tranquil space, focusing on deep breathing, and listing the people and things you have to be thankful for. ‘Tis the season to be grateful!

Additionally, there’s no shame in asking for help – be it from a relative, partner, friend or neighbor, a friendly face can halve a problem with a simple chat over a cup of (caffeine-free) tea.

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