5 Reasons to Adventure Travel in 2021

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5 Reasons to Adventure Travel in 2021

Date: Nov 29, 2021
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In a socially distanced and cautious world, adventure travel is here to save the day! Lowering the risk of catching a certain virus is redefining the way we live our lives altogether, as well as the way we experience the world – and although this might sound like a disadvantage, it can open the door to unexplored horizons. With most of its activities, if not all, taking place outdoors and in contact with nature, adventure travel is not only alluring for those who crave physically active experiences during their sustainable travel trips but also those who would like to be safer than sorry right now.

Having this in mind, we have put together a list of 5 reasons why we think adventure traveling is the kind of tourism you should take up in 2021.

Lower risk of infection

As we learn more about coronavirus and the way it operates every day, it has been a great relief to know that being outdoors significantly reduces the risk of getting infected. The Association of Aerosol Research has confirmed that the chances of cluster infections are quite low when being in the open air, as mentioned on this DW article. While they maintain that social distancing is still paramount, the flow of air does enough for the virus to go unnoticed while being outside.

Start adding rock climbing, trekking, camping, and skiing on your bucket list for the coming months!

De-stress with mother nature

With our daily lives being spent inside of four walls, going outside can give our minds a much-needed 180° turn. According to the American Stress Association (ASA), being active and in contact with nature can relieve stress, release tensions, and help shift our mindset, which is necessary when we have gone over a year experiencing the world from home. This is a perfect example of achieving transformational travel. With the increasingly safer environment as the coronavirus wanes, you can consider going outside more often, and why not, finally organize that outdoors trip you have been postponing with friends. Instead of looking out of our windows to escape from the daily hassles, we recommend taking a day or two to truly experience what nature can offer us by being fully present with it. You might become a regular adventure traveler!

Staying happily local

Even in the most urban of settings, a little patch of land can be found for some adventure to take place near you. Adventure traveling does not always entail taking a plane or catching an hours-long bus ride; you might be missing an activity happening just around the corner! Many sites like the Adventure Travel Trade Association, and Adventure.Travel can help you find local experiences that will be accessible, quick to plan and also help out the local community. The pandemic has slowed down the flow of incoming tourists to adventure sites and, instead of thinking of the faraway places you can go, we suggest keeping it local to both help stop the spread of the virus between locations and keeping plans approachable when spending a lot is not an option.

Fine sets of skills

Adventure traveling might also come with a new set of skills, which can be very beneficial for the stagnant mind and body post-pandemic. Besides the more common adventures, this form of tourism also involves learning if preferred, like heading to beaches where marine conservation tours offered in Belize, wine tasting in Chile to embrace your inner oenologist, and many more educational adventures where you can learn from cultures while interacting with them.

Additionally, places like Educational Travel Adventures offer experiences for students focused entirely on learning hands on while being abroad! This could be a great alternative for those who also like to prioritize their studies while not missing the fun of living new experiences.

New places, new faces

This last reason may be the one that convinces you for good, or so we hope. Regardless of going on your own or in a group of friends, adventure travel usually involves different groups of people being put together to embark on an exciting experience, which means connecting with others! After spending quite a few months without seeing your actual friends, let alone making new friends, engaging with other people through a challenging activity can break the ice and forge new friendships. Whether you are staying local or going away for the adventure, making friends near and far is always an enriching experience.

2021 already seems like a brighter, fresher year full of new beginnings! What better way to continue it than with some fulfilling activities that might broaden your horizons to what nature can offer you and what your soul can receive from it. As healing starts taking place after a difficult year, adventure travel might help make this reset a little bit easier.

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