Anabella Mondi debuts her “Veneno del Bueno” (Good Poison)

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Anabella Mondi debuts her “Veneno del Bueno” (Good Poison)

Date: Aug 4, 2020
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Venezuelan composer, artist and businesswoman, who lives between Puerto Rico and New York, USA. Anabella Mondi is her stage name, her brand and a reflection of all her multifaceted life experiences. Mondi, which means “worlds” in Italian, is the perfect word to describe Anabella’s chameleonic qualities to create and express different artistic genres. In Venezuela she is known as Anabella Troconis or Anabella Neri; in Puerto Rico she goes by Anabella Kogan, and in New York as Bella Kogan. The fact of the matter is that each name refers to the same artist, but different worlds.

Anabella now debuts a new artistic phase. Fueled by the cathartic power of music, she reaches an optimum level of expression with her latest release, the single #VenenoDelBueno🔥✌, or #GoodPoison. “Veneno del Bueno is all that generates pain, anger, sadness, injustice, helplessness or fear; but instead of being toxic, frustrating or paralyzing, I consciously turn it into action through art. It is a negative experience that I transform into creativity and proactivity; it is an engine that changes my reality,” said the singer-songwriter.

The single, which is part of a collection of thirteen songs from the Sensory Integration album, is a personal exploration that invites reflection and challenges the listener with her vindicating message.

“Veneno del Bueno” was recently released on major streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music. To learn more about Anabella Mondi and “Veneno del Bueno” please visit Youtube, Instagram, Twitter Facebook, Spotify or Apple Music

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