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Best Blue Zone Travel Destinations

Date: Sep 24, 2021
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Some travel experiences can leave you with memories of memorizing food and out-of-this-world views. In contrast, other experiences can teach you how to live a fruitful life that will lead to longevity. Why not choose a destination that offers it all?

Blue zones are the top travel destinations for anyone who finds living for more than a hundred years inspiring. This article will show you the top blue zone locations for traveling. I will share why it became a blue zone and how to incorporate the tips into your daily life.

What are Blue Zones?

The healthiest people on this Earth inhabit Blue zones. The life expectancy is 102 years old in the blue zones. There are only five blue zones in this world to this day. Life expectancy in the US is about only 78. Many people in the US don’t get to experience meeting their great-grandchildren. Yet alone their great-great children. In the blue zones, it is normal for grandparents to meet the children of their grandchildren. They chose to put down the burger and welcome healthy practices to their lives.

Healthy practices also involve maintaining a social life, not just eating a plant-based diet. Yes, having a social life is imperative for longevity. When you are alone, who can keep your spirits up or help you when you are in need? It is sad to hear that some older people have fallen and could not get the help they needed on time. With a sound support system, your health will be in good hands.

Here are the five blue zones:

  • Sardinia, Italy
  • Loma Linda, California
  • Icara, Greece
  • Okinawa, Japan
  • Nicoya, Costa Rica

Below you will find how each blue zone is unique and how it became a blue zone.

Sardina, Italy

body of water near trees

Even the town sounds healthy, right? It sounds like they catch wild-caught sardines and fish, and it turns out that they actually do it on Sundays or on special occasions. Their diet primarily consists of veggies, fruits, and whole grains. They keep their sugar intake as low as possible which is the opposite of the American diet.

Besides eating healthy, the people of Sardina make sure to prioritize time with their family and friends. Their sense of humor is unmatched which leads to laughter that lowers stress levels. In America, life revolves around work which sometimes leaves a little time with loved ones.

Why Visit Sardina?

The pristine and clear oceans are cleaner than most oceans. Their sustainable life has made a positive impact on their land and oceans. You may change your whole lifestyle for the better after visiting this blue zone.

Loma Linda, California

On the East Coast, there lies a city named Loma Linda. A city where people live 10 years longer than the average American. It’s almost as if this part of the US has a bubble over it. A place where Americans don’t donuts for breakfast, burgers for lunch, and pizza for dinner. Seems like an alternative dimension, right?

So, how did they achieve this level of health? The answer is not what you think. They are Catholic Adventists who believe that optimal health will create a stronger connection to their faith. So, they make sure to intake nuts, do workouts and maintain healthy relationships. Also, they avoid meat as much as possible.

Why Visit Loma Linda?

After examining the health routine of the people in Loma Linda, you can check out whale-watching cruises and much more outdoor activities. An Airbnb near the ocean sounds like a dream vacation, right?! IF you Airbnb, you can act like a local and go anywhere in the city. There many museums, health-conscious restaurants, and shops in this blue zone. Then after your done exploring Loma Linda, check out another spot in California!

Icara, Greece

cooked dishes

Hummus, anyone? The people of Icara eat the famous mediterranean diet. In Greece, it’s authentic and unmatched.

Okinawa, Japan

When you think of Japan, we automatically think of sushi and fried rice. The Japanese food we eat in the US is called American Japanese food. Americans add a dash of unhealthiness to everything. When is everyone going to see that food is medicine? In Okinawa, food is their medicine. They consume a lot of sweet potatoes, veggie stir fries, and tofu meals. Since not much food contains much vitamin D, they get it primarily from the sun. They know they need the sun for energy. As they garden and do outdoor exercises they get their daily sun intake.

As every blue zone, they also prioritize relationships and are aligned with their sense of purpose. Their purpose is focused on family and loved ones. As in America, it is the opposite as mentioned.

What is There to Do in Okinawa?

Okinawa is an island and the water is crystal clear. This place is for you are an island lover, health-conscious, and an admirer of Japanese culture. You can snorkel near the coral reefs or wander trails! So many options to choose from, so you can’t ever get bored.

Nicoya, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is ahead of the game when it comes to longevity. The US may not be a third-world county, but we sure are far behind when it comes to health. The older people of Nicoya have more freedom than the older people in the US. In Nicoya, the youth makes sure the elder are in good shape physically and mentally. In the US, we tell all the older people to sit down and take it easy to the point where the older people are stuck in a wheelchair or bed. This is some tradition that needs to be broken in the US.

Nicayon centenarians eat fruits, veggies, and drink hard water (calcium water) which promotes longevity. They also do not intake much meat either which is something most Americans intake. We should definitely take notes on how they approach life and what they eat.

Why Travel Nicoya?

Chase waterfalls and explore caves like Lara Croft in Nicoya! There are plenty of things to do here. It is recommended to act like a local in order to get the best experience.

aerial view of beach during daytime

My Two Cents

It is 2021, and we all are unveiling what has been hidden. The more we uncover what is bad for us, the more we know what is good for us. Going to a blue zone is the best option since everyone will eat healthily and think healthy. We travel to learn as well. So, why not learn from the best?

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