The Best Pop-up Ice Cream Spots

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The Best Pop-up Ice Cream Spots

Date: Jul 4, 2020
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When you think of something sweet, when you have that craving that turns your life upside down – what do you think of? Is it a freshly baked Krispy Kreme donut? Is it a grilled Nutella sandwich (thank you, Pinterest, for that one)? Is it, dare I say it, a pizookie*? For a lot of you – not the select few who actually consider fruit to be a normal food to crave – the answer would be something ice cream oriented. Whether it’s ice cream with cookies, with syrup, with nuts, or sometimes with a concoction of everything, you just can’t go wrong with ice cream.

It’s there for you when you need a friend, that little pint-sized friend. It fills your heart with just the right amount of sugar happiness to get you going. It makes you feel like Taco Tuesday is actually a holiday and your Netflix moviethon somehow turns into a celebration.

The best counterpart to ice-cream, though, is a pop-up shop. Typically, these ice-cream shops are… unique. In the most amazing way possible. There are flavors you didn’t even know could be turned into a savory dessert. There’re toppings that you only had seen in cooking movies. And there’s always a guy or girl serving you with the most amazing smile letting you know that, “Yes, what you’re tasting right now is amazing. I’ve had it too. Here… have some more”.

So with that said, here’s a sweet and short list of the best pop-up ice cream shops the Midtown Miami has to offer:

  • Serendipity Creamery & Yogurt Cafe: This is the place where you can feel proud of the ice-cream you’re eating. Yes.
    Proud. Not only are all of the ice creams and sorbets made from scratch, but the masterminds behind this sweet shop use organic ingredients AND support local farms/artisans. BAM! It makes the fact that you’re eating a gulp
    of sugar feel that much more… liberating. Perhaps it’s the organic ingredients that make the flavors taste so good, or maybe it’s because, oh I don’t know – the flavors are absolutely out of this world and like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Just to name a few (because we could be here a while), you’ve got Breakfast Cereal, Blueberry Crumble, Pear Riesling, Arnold Palmer, Drunken Chocolate, Toasted Coconut, Panther Coffee, and of course – the staple signature flavors we all grew up with. This is really the only place where you could go just as easily on a Sunday morning in the mood for cereal or on a Friday night looking for a drunken adventure. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win-win for all of us and we couldn’t be happier this pop-up shop exists.
  • Mr. Bing: Sometimes we have to learn from the cultures around us, and with Mr. Bing, you can now have ice cream with a fork thanks to an innovative dessert concept stemming from Taiwan. That’s right. A fork, people. Long gone are the days when you were constricted to a spoon to splurge on a sweet strawberry delight. These perfectly paper thin ribbons of dairy are something you’re going to want to try. All of our favorite flavors are available, from Chocolate to Peanut butter, with the added plus of a Green Tea flavor. You can decorate (or devour) your treat with oreo’s, sprinkles, or even cereal and mango. And let’s not forget about the real winners here: the drizzles. Condensed milk, anyone? You can check out their website calendar to find out where they’ll be next! (P.S. They’ll be at Wynwood Yard the rest of this week).
  • Katiefresca: To round up the sweet trio, we have Katiefresca & her Ice-Cream Sandwich Pop-Up. Just this past week, we had the pleasure of tasting Katie’s sandwiches at Wynwood Yard spinning off of a collaboration with none other than Serendipity up there. There were three delicious, scrumptious, heart-filling sandwiches but two of them truly shined bright: the Guava ice cream sandwich & the Key Lime Pie ice cream sandwich. I know… I felt the same way you feel now when I saw them with my own eyes. Both sandwiches were savory without being overwhelmingly rich. The cookies formed nice little cushions for these scoops of happiness. All I’m hoping, for my sake and yours, is that Katie has another pop-up – and soon. #frescawich, anyone?

Ice Cream Sandwiches

* Pizookie: A blessing to the food industry (and your child-like soul). A warm cookie – of your choice – baked to the perfect degree and topped off with several scoops of ice-cream. If you haven’t had one of these bad boys, you haven’t lived. I mean it.

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