Car Accident in Florida? Follow These Steps To Protect Your Legal Rights!

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Car Accident in Florida? Follow These Steps To Protect Your Legal Rights!

Date: Aug 14, 2020
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Accidents can occur any time any place no matter how careful you are, especially in the state of Florida. As per statistics of 2017 by World Atlas, Florida ranked as the No.1 state with the most car accidents which were 1011 in number. 

For residents of Florida, this article details the steps they should take to protect their legal rights after a car accident according to Florida car accident laws.

1. Do NOT Leave the Scene

If you run away from the scene, it will give the impression that you were at fault in the whole accident scene. Instead, try to move your car off the road or have it towed so that the road is safe for others.

2. Call 911 & Get Urgent Medical Attention

Even if no one has been seriously hurt, injuries like Whiplash (neck injury which occurs when the head is suddenly moved forward and backward) tend to occur in car accidents and can show symptoms after a while. Around 200,000 Whiplash cases are reported in the US every year. 

Other internal injuries caused by blunt trauma can cause internal bleeding or rupturing and may become life threatening as well.

Since Florida is considered as a ‘no-fault’ state, you can have some or all of your medical bills covered under the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) but you need to seek treatment within 14 days of the accident.

Therefore, call 911 immediately and get medical attention right away. Get your MRI, X-Ray and other tests done, and consult a qualified physician. Be sure to keep on getting check-ups until two weeks after the accident.

3. Gather As Much Information as Possible

Claiming insurance and legal procedures all require authentic evidence. Therefore, you should gather as much information you can after the accident such as:

Pictures or videos of the accident scene

Vehicle details of the other driver (such as vehicle identification number, make, model)

Name, contact details and insurance policy number of the other driver

Names and contact details of eyewitnesses (for providing insight)

4. Contact the Concerned Police 

Call the concerned Police or Law Enforcement right away so that they can come and make an Accident Report. You might get an officer from the Florida Highway Patrol or the local police department who will:

  • Collect all kinds of evidence
  • Take statements from everyone involved
  • Take notes of the whole accident scene
  • Prepare the Accident Report accordingly

While you are providing information to the Police, try to state real facts instead of making general statements, and give an accurate account of everything. Whatever happens, DO NOT admit fault in any case. 

5. Get In Touch With Your Insurance Provider

Inform your Insurance Provider within 24 hours of the accident, or immediately afterward to file a claim. They will take all the information to conduct an investigation in order to check what compensation can be made under the PIP as well as the Collision Coverage. 

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