Chai London: A Sustainable Fashion Line Doing It Right

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Chai London: A Sustainable Fashion Line Doing It Right

Date: Sep 24, 2021
Author: Ariana Rodriguez 245 No Comments

What’s better than wearing an outfit that makes you look amazing? A sustainable outfit that also aligns with your fashion expectations is the answer to that question.

Chai London is a sustainable fashion designer in New York, the city of fashion. Since her name has a cool ring, her fashion line’s name so happens to be her name: Chai London.

She was born and raised in England. Sustainable fashion was not typical during the time she lived there, but who knows? It could be popular now since there is a wave of sustainability that is growing throughout the world. Now things are opposite for London since she lives in New York. There are countless thrift stores in New York and generally in the US. This article will show what inspired London and how her creative process is.

Chai London’s Approach to Sustainability

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Chai London has worked with numerous high-end designers who evoked inspiration to her. Most designers of today are switching to a more sustainable process. London says every sustainable designer has his or her definition of sustainable.

Her definition is to do your work without leaving too much of a carbon footprint. She chooses factories that do sustainable practices. Her clothing line is exclusive, so London has rejected numerous companies that wanted to mass-produce her line.

London recognizes the negative effects of fast fashion, and she refuses to be a part of it. Fast fashion contributes to slavery and poverty. Below you will find a video that goes more in-depth about it.

Her Sources of Inspiration

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Before lockdown, London would visit the museums in New York for inspiration. There is much art contained in just one corner of one of those art museums. Since museums are not opened in New York now, London had to search for other means of inspiration.

Her current source of inspiration is a color palate. For example, she’ll see a tropical getaway outfit forming in her head when she examines the coral colors. Her useful tactics set her apart from everyone else. The originality in her creative process and designs is what is taking her far. Then London’s sustainability practice helps people look in fashion without destroying the world.

Fashion for Everyone

When London designs clothing, she does not see a specific gender. Her focus is on the style that comes to mind and the people enjoying her design. Since most people wear sweatpants and urban wear on casual days, she decided not to restrict one gender.

London did mention that most of her buyers are female, so she will eventually add a few female capsules. Outside of that, she will continue to make clothes that any gender can wear.

My Two Cents

Every fashion designer should be following Chai London’s sustainable approach to fashion. Any designer of many experiences or no experience should get inspiration from London’s process of designing.

Here’s to Chai London’s progress as a sustainable designer, and may there be much, much more.

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