Contrast High Launches Immersive Pop-Up Experience in Cleveland

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Contrast High Launches Immersive Pop-Up Experience in Cleveland

Date: Jun 28, 2022
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Contrast High founders Jenna Conforti and Gina Scordos had two weeks to transform a vacant space in Cleveland, Ohio into a physical experience of their ideas expressed in real life. Love Move Us is an emotional pause — the founders’ response to today and the choice to embrace the moment.

Love Moves Us is a space full of ideas expressed in real life, taking the form of visual art, interactive art and wearable art. Each piece is an expression of the vision to inspire a level of uncomfortability — a realization that duality is an illusion and that above all, when we move in love we allow what is to be and enjoy the fullness of every experience. We understand that the process and state of being is greater than the product, and this is why love moves us.

Co-founder Gina says, “Usually, we express our clients’ ideas, but this time we took over an entire space and injected our own aesthetic throughout, deliberately creating a vibe of uncomfortability—or sensory overload—because, especially in this time, it is so important for artists to reflect the present as a means to provoke the world. If we cannot ignite change now, when will we?

“People are hungry for substance, and right now we are in the space between what was and what will be. It’s completely invigorating to experience this moment of transformation and Jenna and I hope to resonate in one way or another because the message is always beyond the medium,” adds Gina.

Open now through August 30
12 to 8 pm and by appointment
1767 Coventry Road Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

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