6 Cool Facts From Sustainable Celebs

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6 Cool Facts From Sustainable Celebs

Date: Apr 15, 2021
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The word ‘sustainability’ seems to be making its rounds on almost every subject nowadays, especially with prominent public figures adhering to the term. As it becomes trendier and eventually ingrained in everyone’s day-to-day life, we have put together a list of cool facts, activities, and life-changing habits pushed by celebrities and social media personalities in recent years to start living a more fulfilling, conscious, and sustainable life.

Greening the Music Industry

The music industry may seem harmless when it comes to taking care of the planet, however, when looking at concerts and festivals where large numbers of people attend, their impact on the use of single-use materials is clear to see. REVERB is one of the few up-and-coming nonprofits working with venues, musicians, and music events organizers to make sure they are more environmentally friendly. But who is working with this nonprofit?

Tame Impala

Not only is this Australian project led by Kevin Parker doing it right in the music industry, but they are also making sure they get it right with the planet. For their Slow Rush 2020 tour (now postponed to 2021), Tame is making sure their unused food from catering is donated to local shelters, helping fund projects that are eliminating greenhouse gases, and are using eco-friendly cleaning products during all of touring. They are also donating their unused hotel toiletries so that less waste is produced! I will be listening to Currents with more joy from now on.

Harry Styles

The newly solo pop star partnered with Reverb during the 2018 North American tour of his debut album (with Kacey Musgraves as his supporting act) and made sure there was always a water station in his venues to go along with the reusable water bottles in order to reduce thousands of tons of waste of single-use plastics. The profits from these bottles also went directly to fund more efforts to reduce carbon footprint. And they said this was only their first partnership! Hopefully, fans and stans alike can get to support their favorite artist while also helping save the planet many more times in the years to come.

Loving the Road and the Land

With the rise of TikTok and its many subcultures, one of them, in particular, has caught a significant following by alluring fans to live their most adventurous life on the road.

Sunny and Luna

TikTokers Sunny and Luna, followed by half a million people, decided to break free from their conventional lives during the pandemic, bought a van, and turned it into their moving living space! As they explore more environmental ways of living on the road and simplify their habits to the bare essentials, they have made their journey through snowy cities available both on their TikTok account @sunnylunaliving as well as their blog, where they sell van-building starter guides and their entire van blueprint encouraging you to start your own transformational journey on four wheels around the country (and why not the world?)


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Court and Nate

Another TikTok couple traveling around the country and spreading the word on sustainability are Court and Nate @courtandnate, followed by almost 2 million other accounts. Although following the same van-building and handy improvement methods for an easier nomadic life, this couple is also keen on advocating for cleaner oceans and a zero-waste lifestyle. 

Whether you’re more on the skiing-in-the-north end or the surfing-under-the-sunshine side of things, these two couples will inspire you to change the way you live by leading a lighter life on the road and opening yourself to the unexpected.


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Feed Your Values

As the food industry gets progressively more exposed for its negative impact on the environment, celebrities from all fields have started to advocate for environmentally aware options to switch to in order to transform the body and the planet at the same time.

Alicia Silverstone

The 90s “Clueless” and Aerosmith music video icon, is an old-time advocate of veganism as a more conscious diet. She has indicated in this New York Times article that it has improved her health and energy over the years as well as helped with weight loss. She also published her own cookbook with all-vegan recipes titled “The Kind Diet”, which is now a NYT best-seller.

Jamie Oliver

While powering his restaurant with wind turbines and encouraging less meat intake a week, the Essex-born celebrity chef has started implementing zero waste methods in his daily cooking and swayed his followers to waste less food by educating through his webpage. When lurking through it, you will be able to find data on how much food is wasted in the UK and how you can help reduce that number by buying seasonal produce and reinventing the way you store your food. Alongside his fresh vegan and vegetarian recipe videos on YouTube, Oliver also published “Veg”, a book dedicated solely to veggie recipes!

My 2 Cents

Be it dramatic life changes such as taking up a van life or small self-improvements like attending green concerts and reducing the amount of meat you eat every week, we hope these cool facts from famous personalities inspire you to live a more fulfilling and mindful life when it comes to helping yourself and the planet altogether.

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