COVID-19 Strikes The Fashion Industry

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COVID-19 Strikes The Fashion Industry

Date: Jul 4, 2020
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At this present time it is important to realize the state of COVID-19 calling for Fashion’s next innovation; Digital Retail Fashion Weekend’2020.

COVID-19 has interrupted the way we interact and communicate with our customers and communities by restricting regular activities and purchasing behavior. More than ever, Fashion Retailers must emerge before physical engagement changes forever. Once before thriving retailers like Nordstroms, Macy’s and Michael Kors have fallen victim to “Bankruptcy Watch” lists recently reported on Forbes (click here to read). Wear To Stare is ready to revive this demise!

Runway’s Past & Still Present!

For decades, fashion runway shows have given designers the opportunity to showcase their latest creations to the industry and enthusiasts. Traditionally, grand live events lined with celebrities and industry insiders getting first look at new designs has been the popular way of fashion, and it still can be! Now, one Fashion Enthusiast sets to change the game with her innovative Digital Retail Fashion Week; Creating a new standard in how retailers and designers showcase their latest works, her name is J Valentyn.

Fashion’s Revival – Welcome Retailers!

Fashion’s Revival takes place on social media! “My questions are simple and my strategy is fashion’s next innovation” – J Valentyn.

What is the next way of retail marketing and audience attraction? How can we utilize social media to save fashion retailers? Why not advance the way fashion interacts with customers, buyers, designers and influencers? Isn’t it time? Why not cater directly to digital natives inviting virtual audience members to trending fashion shows? What better way to engage with customers and brand supporters by getting live feedback, asking and answering questions, catering to consumer wants, likes and needs? Why not give digital natives access to one of the most popular trending topics on social media #fashion & #style? With doing so, why not do this with a cause like raising awareness for Mental Health & Wellness on social platforms?

Fashion With A Cause

We don’t ask these questions to raise thought without solution! Wear To Stare supports Mental Health & Wellness Charities as well as utilize our power of influence to promote self-love and build confidence amongst digital natives everywhere.

Wear To Stare provides Production & Retail Marketing Strategy capable of producing Digital Retail Fashion Week 2020. We also partner with Charities in our mission to promote mental health awareness, suicide prevention and self love. For more information on Digital Retail Fashion Week 2020 click here. For information on sponsoring or partnering with Wear To Stare for Digital Retail Fashion Week 2020, Sponsors & Partners click here.

Registration is now open!

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