DIY Tricks to Quiet a Noisy Garage Door

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DIY Tricks to Quiet a Noisy Garage Door

Date: Sep 25, 2020
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There is nothing quite as annoying as a creaking, squeaking, rattling or stuttering garage door. Don’t panic! There are tricks you can use that should fix some of these known garage door issues, without costing you too much. Before you rush out to replace it, try out some of these DIY hacks to fix a noisy garage door.

The Best DIY Hacks for Fixing a Noisy Garage Door

If your garage door just won’t shut up, try some of the following tips.

Check for Rust

Wisconsin isn’t the wettest state, but that doesn’t mean the hinges and joints won’t rust. You should check the tracks for debris once in a while anyway, but if your tracks show signs of rust, getting it out of there is your best option. If it isn’t completely rusted away, pick up some rust cleaner and that should do the job. If your garage door rollers, joins, or tracks are rusted irreparably, it is time to call in the experts.

Oil it Up

Lubrication is important to keep your garage door flowing smoothly. In the same way as a little grease is good for the car engine, a little grease can help prolong the shelf life of your garage doors. Applying whichever lubricant that your owner’s manual suggests will help to keep them opening and closing smoothly. You don’t need to be fussy on what to use though, you can use most types of oil or buy the special lubricant. The Family Handyman has a good guide on how to complete this process.

Annual Servicing

It is recommended that you have your garage door inspected or serviced every year, at least once. If it is particularly old aged, you may wish to increase this to twice a year. Lots of people think that it isn’t an important maintenance job but keeping an eye on the small things that go wrong with your garage door can make spotting an imminent breakage easier. If you can spot breakage before they happen, then you can prevent them.

Tighten Everything

When your garage door squeals on the tracks it is likely to be a lubrication problem. When your garage door rattles as it opens and closes, something is loose in the fixings. If you go around and tighten all the nuts, bolts, and screws involved in suspending your door mechanisms in the air, you should be able to solve this problem without seeking professional help. 

Check the Insulation

Last but by no means least, the Spruce recommends you check the insulation strip that should run along the bottom of the garage door when it is fully closed. If this piece is missing, there is nothing keeping out the damp. Again, we know this isn’t a particularly damp state, but we also know that exposure to elements eventually wears down mountains. If you have an ongoing rust problem, this might even be the source of it.

And If All Else Fails

Remember, if your garage door is noisy beyond all control and these tips don’t work, you can still call an emergency door repair services in Milwaukee WI. If all else fails, turn to the professionals. It just makes good common sense.

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