24 Must Attend Events in Miami for October 2019

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Soundtuary pres. Birds of Mind & Jacob Groening

24 Must Attend Events in Miami for October 2019

Date: Jun 5, 2020
Author: Laura Gonzalez 500 No Comments

A new month is here and with it, many new experiences for you to have fun. In the list provided below for the 24 must-attend events in Miami for October 2019. Find a variety of events that pretty much you will love. Enjoy the chill weather of October by attending to one of the rooftop bars or the different festivals. Also, enjoy bbq at the beach, or seasonal events happening this month. If you are best friend with the A/C and rather enjoy an inside plan. You have a variety of options such as bar lounges, interesting conferences. Check out the list and open up your calendar if you’re ready to have fun all month long.

Retro & Roots | October 6th, 2019

Come to Little Havana and join us for a Retro & Roots experience full of the best old school music to dance, sing and remember, also, arcade and video games to share with your friends and make it fun. Also, guess what? jungle punch is back! don’t miss it and come and enjoy nostalgy with us.

Bar Nancy
2007 SW 8th St,
Miami, FL 33135
8 PM – 1 AM

Wake up Miami! Fall 2019 | October 7th, 2019

If you like good music and art; check out Miami’s impressive talents in Wake up Miami! fall 2019 with the support of many local artists and musicians who perform and share their experience of art. Come, live it and enjoy it one of the 24 Must Attend Events in Miami for October 2019!

Government Center Station
101 NW First Street,
Miami, Florida 33128

10 PM – 1 AM

Jazz At The Lounge | October 8th, 2019

What are you going to be doing on Tuesday night? because you do not want to miss one of the greatest events in Miami the live acoustic jazz performance of Jazz at the Lounge. Enjoy the moment and ambiance with friends, and some drinks to complement the perfect jazz-social night at Purdy Lounge.

Purdy Lounge
1811 Purdy Ave,
Miami Beach, FL 33139

10 PM – 2 AM

Exploring Nonmonogamy and Polyamory | October 9th, 2019

What? Polygamy? Are you open to new experiences? because if you do, this is the kind of event that you can not miss. Learn about Exploring Nonmonogamy and Polyamory, how to interact with your couple and how to make your relationship better and different by taking it to another level. If that is what you want and like, come we are going to be here waiting for you to grow in knowledge and experiences.

World Erotic Art Museum
1205 Washington Ave,
Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA
7 PM- 9 PM

Words & Wine Open Mic at Las Rosas Ft. Bower & Luis Alberto | October 9th, 2019

An Open mic is a good start for an amazing night “Words & Wine Open Mic at Las Rosas Ft. Bower & Luis Alberto”. To add make sure you add some friends. We have the wine and drinks for you to guarantee that you will have an incredible time with us. You can also enjoy the arcade if you want to have fun like in the old times. Enjoy the drum circle as well as the live music that makes the perfect ambiance to relax and have fun. definitely, one of the 24 Must Attend Events in Miami for October 2019.

Las Rosas
2898 NW 7th Ave,
Miami, FL 33127, USA
8:30 PM – 2 AM

Nerd Nite Miami – 5th Anniversary | October 10th, 2019

Do you like to laugh? Even if you are too serious to be laughing in public we have the perfect event in Miami for you. In Gramps, presenting Nerd Nite Miami, we have a group of expert willing to come and share their knowledge with you. Now, it depends on you to believe or not to belive. The topics of this month are Pirates and Mermaids, Where’s My Bus? Where’s Your Bus? What Are We Waiting for Again? Fixing transit, and How to Become the Batman. Do not thank us yet. Come learn, laugh if you wish, and then let us know how helpful it was for you.

176 NW 24th St,
Miami, FL 33127, USA
6 PM – 9 PM

Author Series: Between The Business Covers

Author Series: Between The Business Covers | October 10th, 2019

“Lessons From Lucy: The Simple Joys Of An Old, Happy Dog” is one of the most successful stories by DAVE BARRY. He and some other authors are being presented by the author series Between The Business Covers, which brings business leading authors to our community that inspires us. It is a great opportunity for knowledge and fun to be at the same place, but that is not all, make sure you stay until the end for the question and answer session and book signing.

The Betsy South Beach
1440 Ocean Dr,
Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

This End Up ↑ ft. Patrick Walsh and Friends | October 10th, 2019

Friends, music, drinks, open roof and magic views, are only a few reasons to come and attend to This End Up ↑ ft. Patrick Walsh and Friends which recently opened in Miami. It is also already considered one great spot due to the great ambiance and the amazing experience of the sunset, or the sparkles of stars. To that, just add the fact that the entrance is free! woo-woo!!

The citadel
8300 NE 2nd Ave, Miami,
FL 33138, USA

Miami Film Festival GEMS 2019 | October 10th, 2019

Are you a filmaniac? Well… this four days Miami Fil Festival GEMS 2019 festival may be something you are going to enjoy. this festival will feature a very exclusive selection of the first competition films and with high potential to dominate award-season conversations, as well as international box office sensations and special discoveries. It is one of the best events in Miami I guess I will see you there, right?

Tower Theater
1508 SW 8th St,
Miami, FL 33135

Double Stubble presents the SMASH Annual Fundraiser | October 10th, 2019

Moving out to your own place a goal for everybody, but we all know that housing in Miami is really expensive. Double Stubble presents the SMASH Annual Fundraiser (Struggle for Miami’s Affordable and Sustainable Housing) is hosting an amazing party to foud raise. We guarantee that this is going to be the best beneficial event you have ever been and had so much fun.

176 NW 24th St,
Miami, FL 33127, USA

What Matters To U: Megan Rapinoe

What Matters To U: Megan Rapinoe | October 10th, 2019

Life is not only partying, but learning is also as fun as it can be. What Matters To U: Megan Rapinoe. And.. I am just going to say, for whoever does not know her, she is a professional soccer player, and come on who does not like sports? But more than that, she is coming to discuss social issues which we all need to know, be informed, and actually act upon it. What a wonderful way of learning with such an amazing woman.

Shalala Student Center Complex
1330 Miller Drive,
Coral Gables, Florida 33146
5 PM – 6:30 PM

Lifeguard Stands Photo exhibition and Purchase | October 11th, 2019

Have you ever been saved by a lifeguard? If you have this is the event for you, if you have not this is also the event for you because the finality of the Lifeguard Stands Photo exhibition and Purchase is to found raise some money to support the Miami Beach Police Athletic League to benefit MBPD Holiday Toy Drive and Bahamian, Tots. What a nice cause…!

Normandy Shores Golf Club
2401 Biarritz Dr,
Miami Beach, FL 33141, USA
6 PM – 10 PM

Salsa Night | October 11th, 2019

No, No… you do not need to bring ketchup! just get your comfy shoes and come joying us for the Salsa Night. you can either bring your partner or we can find you one too. What really matters is that you are going to have fun and leave knowing how being a Latino feels like. Salsa Night is one of the people’s favorite events in Miami.

Roots Miami Kava Bar & Vegan Eatery – Wynwood
4400 NW 2nd Ave.,
Miami, Florida 33127
9 PM – 12 PM

Moondance Experience | October 11th, 2019

Definitely a worth experience to live. if you had a long day, or even if you did not. the Moondance Experience allows you to meditate with a yoga and stretching class, a cacao activation just to set the tone, take advantage of the sound healing experience to relax and let negative charges go, meditation and also dance during the night, and all this happens under the moon.

The sacred space Miami
105 NE 24th St
Miami, FL 33137
7 PM – 10 PM

Soundtuary pres. Birds of Mind & Jacob Groening | October 11th, 2019

This is a special invitation, only for you, because we care about you! so come and joying us for Soundtuary pres. Birds of Mind & Jacob Groening the best electronic music. It is going to be amazing! er are sure of that from now… see you there?

SLS South Beach
1701 Collins Ave,
Miami Beach, FL 33139
9 PM – 4 AM

The 90s | October 11th, 2019

Hellow Millennials! We found something for you… Its a new rooftop night club in downtown Miami. More than drinks, and good friends we also offer those old songs, back in the ’90s. Get ready to bring memories back. Also, let’s have fun discussing very important topics from the ’90s. Because we really want your opinion, what do you think, there would have been room for Jack on that raft after seeing Titanic?

The Langford, Rooftop
121 SE 1st Street,
Miami, Florida 33131
9 PM – 3 AM

Beach BBQ Jam | October 12th, 2019

Let us closed the summer out the Miamian way by having a Beach BBQ Jam, but while it gets done, you can also enjoy the yoga class and house music I hope to see you there.
Oh, one more thing… You bring your beautiful selves and anything you would like to eat or drink.

North Shore Open Space Park
8101 Collins Ave,
Miami Beach, FL 33141, USA
10 AM – 7 PM

100th Wallcast® Concert | October 12th, 2019

Classic music under the stars! that sounds like a real plan. the best part is that is a free symphony concert by 100th Wallcast® Concert. or maybe the best part is that you can even bring your own wine] or any drink, you can bring whatever you want to eat lay down on the grass and just enjoy without a doubt of 24 Must Attend Events in Miami for October 2019.

New World Symphony
500 17th St,
Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA
7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Deco Through Dance (at capacity!) | October 12th, 2019

Do you know how to dance corporeal decorum? is alright, that is why we have a director to guide you through this amazing art process. Deco Through Dance (at capacity!) is a research-oriented dance piece. With this event, we want to also be part of designing to document and preserve Miami’s iconic Deco architecture.

The Wolfsonian-FIU
1001 Washington Ave,
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
12 PM – 1:30 PM

The Tea w/ Mystic Bill, Laura Of Miami, Gio Ardito + residents | October 12th, 2019

Wohooo! this is not just a party! This is the Majestic Bill’s Bday party! so come and enjoy yourself with us. at The Tea w/ Mystic Bill, Laura Of Miami, Gio Ardito + residents we have the best variety of drinks and taps. Food, drinks, good music, freat people… You are going to feel complete because we will take care of you.

176 NW 24th St,
Miami, FL 33127, USA
5 PM- 3 AM

Fall Pumpkin Fest | October 13th, 2019

Engage with all the people at this seasonal event Fall Pumpkin Fest. More than beautiful pumpkins we also have different activities such as pumpkin carvings, let your imagination fly and get a beautiful pumpkin done kids crafts, pumpkin patches and more.

Normandy Isle Fountain
900 71st St,
Miami Beach, Florida 33141
11 AM – 4 PM

Wrap Up

Whether you’re looking for music festivals to go crazy, classes lesson to improve yourself, to grow in intelligence, to eat or have a good time with friends, we are giving you a list of the different events happening through the month of October for you to be informed. We do not want you to miss the fun of any event in Miami. There is always something new and exciting happening in the magic city. Go out and live new experiences. So if you are looking for fun things to do in Miami, such as events happening, places to go or unique experiences make sure to check in with MMM or download our free things to do in Miami app MMM LIVE.

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