Finding Shangri-La

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Finding Shangri-La

Date: Feb 1, 2023
Author: Dimarco Barea 775 No Comments

History and even prehistory shows us that travel has always been intrinsically connected to the purpose of personal development. Whether it is through the oral traditions of Native American myths like the Hopi’s Journey of Wise Son through the Grand Canyon or the 500 mile walk of the Camino de Santiago by Christians around the world, tourism has emerged from the fundamental desire of the human spirit to venture, seek, and find more.

With the advance of technology, safety and economic progress more and more people are seeking purpose based tourism experiences that mirror the fundamentals that early people’s associated with leaving their homes. While typically done ritualistically in ancient societies as a rite of passage, becoming an adult, or to solve a personal or a social dilemma, vision quests, the same desire is now emanating in the trends of transformational, adventure, wellness, sustainable, cultural heritage, and regenerative travel.

Among the most attractive elements that travelers are experiencing is the desire to connect. Not just with themselves and other humans through engagement with incredible heritage that is found culturally with societies around the world, but also to themselves through participation with nature in an effort to witness and find a deeper sense of balance. This modern rebirthing process allows one to shed their old skin and connect to something greater than oneself.

As Richard Conway once wrote that he could at times in his life steal ‘glimpses of the eternal’ it is this writers humble opinion that we should all be so lucky to receive visions and feelings like these as we attempt to define our own life’s Shangri-La. It is in my experience that such moments are found more often when we have a curious mind, a kind stance, and an open heart. But above all I share that passion should be an ingredient that you should never forget to include. As Jim McEwan states in the documentary Scotch…

The passion. It’s all about the passion. People make this and they make that, but if it’s not made with passion, then it is only a mere shadow of what it could be.

So I raise a dram of hope to you all that have taken some of your lifetime to read these words, and honor you, your soul, and the Journey to come. Slàinte Mhath.

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