Five Ways to Promote Peace

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Five Ways to Promote Peace

Date: Nov 29, 2021
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Who wouldn’t want to live in a community of peace and where people unquestionably coincide with each other? The majority of humans are attracted to peace like moths to a flame. Some people have effortless access to the light. On the other hand, some face obstacles or the light is defective, metamorphically speaking.

A community that struggles can reach ultimate peace. It takes a little bit of work, but it is possible with a good plan. The United Nations created a goal that leads to peace for all and they hope to reach it by 2030 through their 17 Sustainability Development Goals. In this article, you will find the steps to true peace with tips from the United Nations.

The Obstacle

Violence, unfair pay, hunger, and many more things get in the way of peace. For example, segregation is disguised in many ways even though it is not called segregation. A run-down city lacks the support a developed community has already acquired.

Poor education contributes to a chain of misfortunate events. A school that is built without a humane infrastructure unlike the schools in the suburbs will lead to issues. Students and staff will get in a depressed state in a prison-like classroom. On top of that, the education system of low-performing schools is derailing off the normal tracks of education. Education should be rich. An English teacher should teach grammar and ignite the student’s creativity whenever possible. Low-performing schools primarily focus on testing, and how can students grow like that?

The Ted talk below mentions how the main foundation of a stronger community is peace. He mentions how proper education, fair pay, overall safety, no discrimination, no hunger, and equality are required for peace in the community.

The Solutions: Five ways to Promote Peace

1. Start Small

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Aim for your neighborhood and your group for your first step. Wherever you go, be a beam of light. Smile and make people feel welcome. If there’s stress in your neighborhood and group, invite them over for yoga or plan a yoga event at a beach. The little things count

Let’s say your best friends wanted to eat out. Instead of going to an ordinary franchise like Flannigan’s, go explore the local restaurants nearby. I can guarantee that they will taste a million times more fresh. I am constantly on the hunt for local places. Local farmer’s markets are great options because you will find yourself getting a meal and handmade jewelry! Always remember to support local because that money goes directly to the families running that business.

2. Talk to the Mayor

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The mayor can shape your community in many ways. Set up an appointment with your mayor or send an email/message that will get to the mayor. Communicate any issues your community is facing. Whether it is frequent sexual assault or a poor education system all the children are facing. Communicating is key in all matters. If you do not speak about it, how will things get resolved? 

3. Talk to the School Administration

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Did you notice your kids and all the students complaining about the same thing? Maybe the kids feel like they are not learning the material effectively or maybe there are many fights. Whatever the concern may be, it should be communicated. Reach out to the principal or anyone in the administration team.

On the other hand, you may see a lack of direction or activities. Imagine no music class or band in a middle school. So, if that’s your case, share your thoughts and your recommendations. You may be the eye-opener and be the one who makes it all happen.

4. Become a Humanitarian

Anyone can be a humanitarian. No degree or work experience needed. A big heart is all that is required. Priyanka Chopra is an actress, humanitarian, author, and so much more! Above you will see a video of her going over humanitarian experience.

A humanitarian simply helps and saves people who are in need without discrimination of any kind. Donate to those in need. Give a meal to the homeless or give a prom dress to a girl who doesn’t have the money. Stick to being kind and helpful every day, and you will see your positivity create a positive domino effect.

5. Organize a Peaceful Protest

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Put your creativity to good use and create an eye-catching sign that can help change the world. For example, if there is unequal pay for women in your community, tell the women in your community to join a protest regarding that matter. Taking action is imperative.

Protests are meant to open the eyes of others. Performances and speeches can be made. The Woman’s march is a good example of how a well put-together protest should go. Below you will see MLCK perform Quiet with so much heart. I apologize if it brings you tears!

My Two Cents

When you are in peace, then true peace in your community and the greater world is possible. So it really does begin with you. While incoming messages from the world around you challenge your peace you are empowered to own it, share it, and promote it. Everyone should take part to end whatever is taking away peace in their community. Now with these 5 tips, you can start saving the world and giving peace a try!

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