Great Destinations for Ecotourism on the East Coast

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Great Destinations for Ecotourism on the East Coast

Date: Apr 1, 2023
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The world has recently become more and more aware of issues with our environment. As this happens, so do travelers get more aware of their environmental impact and how can they can reduce it. Since then, ecotourism has become all the more popular. Many people have taken interest in both being eco-friendly while traveling and learning more about our environment through ecotourism. A lot of places along the US east coast have started leaning into ecotourism. So, to help you decide your next destination, we have put together a list of the best destinations for ecotourism on the East Coast, and we hope you find it helpful.

Virginia Bird and Wildlife trail network

When it comes to the best destinations for ecotourism on the East Coast, it’s hard to beat the Virginia Bird and Wildlife trail network when it comes to birdwatching. The trail network is made up of 65 trail loops across the Piedmont, Coastal and Mountain regions. All the while traveling through mountains, forests, seashores and salt marshes, you will get the chance to spy on the local wildlife while visiting the diverse outdoor sites. It is very easy to spot various birds, reptiles and mammals along these trails. Anything from bald eagles to turtlers, deer to butterflies, all sorts of species can be found here. However, you should carefully consider what sustainable travel looks like post-pandemicbefore setting off on a journey in Virginia. Careful preparation is incredibly important when it comes to traveling. Even more so ever since the pandemic, so consider everything first.

Bird watching on one of Virginia’s bird and wildlife trails is an unbeatable experience for anyone who enjoys it.


Miami has been leading the charge for ecotourism and eco-friendliness in general when it comes to Florida. Being a city with tourists year-round, Miami has had to make some major changes in recent times in order to become more environmentally friendly. However, the city (and the state) has been making strides towards giving back to the environment. From eco-friendly hotels and low-impact activities which can be found all over the city, to give-back volunteer opportunities which help the community, there is something to do in Miami for anyone with a green-oriented mind. A lot of people have actually been moving into Miami’s sustainable homes recently. And, if you are planning on doing so yourself, you should consider hiring local movers to get your there. After all, you should get all the help you need when moving into a new home, and local movers will be able to help you out.

New York flora and fauna preserves

New York has plentiful options when it comes to ecotourism. There are flora and fauna preservations across the state which all welcome curious visitors. In addition, communities across New York have been putting in efforts towards sustainability and conservation of the state’s natural wonders. To name a few, the Adirondack Park, Hudson Valley and Amish Trail offer all sorts of experiences to visitors who like to be eco-friendly. Ecotourism in New York is still somewhat young, but there are already a lot of places which support it and bring awareness to the problems with our environment. Sticking with this spirit, you should consider the importance of traveling to sustainable hotels while planning your trips. Every step toward being friendlier to the environment while traveling is a step in the right direction, and in the long-term every little bit of effort counts.

The state of New York is home to numerous wildlife preserves which welcome visitors.

Virginia Water Trails

Presented by the Virginia Ecotourism Alliance, Virginia’s Water Trails are the perfect way to experience the wildlife in a different manner while still being environmentally friendly. Thanks to the Ecotourism Alliance, you can easily connect with local eco-guides. With their help, paddling down the state’s wonderful coastal waterways is an experience enjoyable to most people. While you’re at it, you will get the opportunity to see various species of fish, and along the shore you might even spot birds and other creatures as well. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding terrain. Virginia is a beautiful state with a lot of nature to experience, and this is one of the best ways to do so. Still, before you plan a trip to the Virginia you should consider following a sustainable vacation packing checklist. After all, what you bring with you is a very big part of being eco-friendly while traveling. 

Everglades National Park

Located on the southern tip of Florida, the Everglades National Park exists to protect the fragile ecosystem it houses. Home to over 30 endangered and protected species, it attracts many curious ecotourists every year. It is also the largest tropical wilderness in the US. The Everglades National Park makes it onto the list of the best destinations for ecotourism on the east coast because it is the most diverse ecosystems in Florida. Every trip to the Everglades can lead to much different experiences. As such, it’s a favorite among ecotourists who like Florida. Experts from getmovedtoday.com note that a lot of people have recently moved to Florida for the beautiful nature, and we honestly can’t blame them.

Among the endangered and protected species found in the Everglades National Park is the rare American crocodile.

Alt-tag: crocodile by river

The best destinations for ecotourism on the east coast – wrap up

Ever since the world at large has become aware of the issues with our environment, ecotourism has been growing a lot. The east coast, especially, has a lot to offer for travelers who are worried about the environment and want to help preserve it. And what better way to help save our planet’s environment than by being careful ourselves and doing our best to learn how to help and be ecologically friendly. We hope you found this list of the best destinations for ecotourism on the east coast helpful, and we wish you a pleasant rest of your day.

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