Have you Experienced Miami’s ‘Wonderland’ Creature?

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Have you Experienced Miami’s ‘Wonderland’ Creature?

Date: Aug 13, 2020
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As you walk or drive around Art Basel this year you may notice a magical creature zipping along the city streets and the exclusive VIP galleries with the Fine Art’s most curated of collectors. This magical creature is part of an amazing new masterwork by an artist known as S.O.B. While his work has travelled the globe and is sure to take over this Basel there is a deeper history behind this creature creator. It all begins here.

Stefano Ogliari Badessi, is a global artist who has traveled through international cities, presenting his art installations – yet once the installation is finished, he packs up the work, leaving no trace, no damage to the environment – this concern and respect for the environment is also what stimulates the work he will present in his solo exhibition in The DAM Gallery – the sculptures and objects are made from various materials, Italian silks, bamboo and other pliable woods that he searches for in nature, which he then ‘weaves’ into different animal shapes.

The last time Stefano Ogliari Badessi was here, Miami saw him wrap Sugar at East Hotel with his Chinese Dream installation, an enormous red inflatable installation, completely altering the cityscape, temporarily. Now, he will bring a new installation from his Wonderland Project, last seen in Italy, and coming directly to Miami’s Little River District, at The DAM Gallery on November 29th for an intimate viewing. A Tribe from Wonderland, promises an immersive experience where visitors can experience his sculptures, inflatable installations all in the artist created space- becoming an environment of Self Discovery, Wonder, Ritual, Mystery and the Universe of One.

For I Don’t Know Where to Go, Stefano will create a large creature and bring it to the streets transforming the roads and side streets of Miami inviting the population to witness and ride with him as he brings art to the streets of Little River, The Design District, Wynwood and Edgewater inviting onlookers to see the work, cycle with him creating memories and moments that go beyond the aesthetic, but also takes into consideration the health of our planet – Ogliari Badessi in creating these creatures and by taking them out of their habitat, is also making statements about not only their endangered status, but also the reduction of their habitat – The animals that he selects to create for this project also draw inspiration from ancient and indigenous cultures, Stefano reinterprets symbolic shapes and beings and utilizes these forms as a path towards self discovery and through the construction of the works facilitates inner piece as ultimately, it is he who conquers and redefines the symbolic associations affixed to the monster – leaving the viewer with a new and more accepting path towards their own inner peace: all his animals have symbolic meanings – not just environmentally but also historically, individually and culturally.

This will be a specific and unique creature sculpture where Ogliari Badessi pays homage not only to the versatility of art but the world from which his materials come from – showing that art can be made from anything and can fit in with the landscape, and be part of the world in which the art inhabits.

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