Miami Swim Week’s Runaway Runway

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Miami Swim Week’s Runaway Runway

Date: Jan 24, 2020
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Miami Swim Week is one of the best things to do in Miami every year. On Saturday, July 13, Project Runway 2014 WINNER, Sean Patrick Kelly gave the Planet Fashion audience a surprise presentation of his new swimwear line Hercules, in conjunction with Sean John x Playboy. As one of the few men’s lines in all of Swim Week, the Hercules debut shined. 6 sexy male models strutted down the runway in 10 looks which ranged from bold patterned bold shorts to classic cut brief speedos.

Although the Hercules runway may have looked like a long planned out process to the average audience member, the show was actually as if a Project Runway challenge had come to life. Originally, Hercules was slated to only host a pop up shop at Planet Fashion and Hotel Gaythering. However, that Saturday morning at 10:30 am, executive producer Arnel San Pedro, received a phone call from designer Sean.

“Planet Fashion just asked if we can put together a runway show for tonight.”


“Yes, Tonight at 9:30pm. Just 10 looks. If we can find 5 models, then we can do it.”

Challenge Accepted

And with that, the countdown began. The challenge was to produce a Hercules runway show in less than 12 hours – something that normally takes at least 4 months to plan. Both Sean and Arnel made phone calls, posted on Facebook groups, and messaged Instagram models. After fielding about 50 applicants, final models were confirmed and the show was a go! When the team arrived on site, they picked out 10 show looks, selected the order of appearance, and snapped pics of each outfit. They matched each look to a model pic to complete their model board.

The action didn’t stop there. They met with the Planet Fashion producers to go over the run of show and understand operational flow. 8:00 pm| Model Call Time and only 2 models were there. Arnel receives a phone call that one of the models can’t make it because he is in another show. The power went out. That show is delayed and he has to stay there. “Sh*t!” Model gets switched out. 20 minutes before opening and still not all the models are there. The model who cancelled actually showed up and is switched back in. The opening Sean John show is about to start but they delay it for a few minutes. The team cannot wait any longer. They pull a model from another show, throw him into hair and makeup, and high-speed wardrobe change.

The Grand Finale

The Hercules team walks to the stage and the show goes on! It was beautiful chaos and in the end, became one of the most exciting experiences in Miami. The make-believe Project Runway challenge was successfully executed and the show received great coverage, helping Planet Fashion’s Miami Swim Week claim its status as one of the hottest events in Miami.

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