3 Underserved Hotel User Segments: and How to Convert Them

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3 Underserved Hotel User Segments: and How to Convert Them

Date: Dec 4, 2022
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The Greater Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) represents their brands very loyally on both a local and global scale. This year they have worked closely to obtain the insights required to promote a new and improved tourism marketing strategy by segmenting the market into a few new categories. These categories weren’t considered in the past for hotel marketing in Miami tourism. These 3 underserved hotel user segments have shown up requiring our attention: the day-tripper, the day adventurer, and the largest segment in our NYC overnighters. There are unique ways that you can market to these 3 segments including social media but what seems to stand out is the use of local experiences.

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The Importance of Day Trippers

First up, “the Day Tripper”. This references someone who does not stay overnight yet still contributes heavily to our tourism markets. According to GMCVB, the day-tripper can be international, domestic, or even a Florida resident; each of which demands a different strategy and tactic to expose them to your goods and services. The International Day Trippers may be more inclined to accept an overnight offer of your best pedigree. While a domestic day tripper might want to extend his trip reasonably close to Miami while utilizing an experience package from you or one or your local partner companies.  It is estimated that if you could turn every day-tripper into an overnight Miami visitor their spending locally would go from $6.8M to $16.5M. 


Create Experiences for Day Adventurers

Secondly, not everyone has to be converted from a day-tripper to an overnight stay. Perhaps your hotel would benefit better by offering a day-tripper an additional experience in Miami that day; converting him to an adventure seeker. Not everyone will be able to stay extra days and nights. However, by utilizing lodging, meals, transportation, shopping, and especially local experience marketplaces you convert from an empty segment into “Day Trip Adventurers”. This tourism marketing strategy can be easy to accomplish by using experience marketplaces that already exist, like Midtown Miami Magazine.


NYC still ranks #1 for Tourist Visitors to Miami

Thirdly, it’s no surprise what the largest population of visitors we get from New York; more than 20% of our additional residents each year come from New York. And 57% of them are return costumers. Remember this when it comes time to offer new experiences or other amenities. Hotels in Miami can transition parts of the living spaces to be converted to model the NYC nightlife in hopes to attract more traffic and present a better experience for them here in Miami.


Hotel Marketing Wrap Up

Overall, this year marks another wonderful year of tourism for South Florida, especially Miami Beach and Downtown Miami, which are the two strongest examples of hotel marketing strategy in Miami. We had another strong year in customer satisfaction with the intent to return. About one in four visitors said they didn’t have anything they “didn’t” like. Hospitality, service, museum, ride-sharing, international services and more hotels in Miami were at the top of the list. With the focus now being on the day-tripper, the day adventurer, and our NYC overnighters we can continually add ways to serve our guests and hone our tourism strategies. Be proud Miami. And continue pushing new and better experiences that engage people and help then feel welcome in our city.

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