5 Reasons Your Hotel Needs to Market Experiences

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5 Reasons Your Hotel Needs to Market Experiences

Date: Nov 29, 2021
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Hotel Experience Marking (HEM) has become essential in the digital age. HEM refers to the strategies you use to inform and upsell your customers while staying at your hotel. This includes any revenue-generating opportunity outside of the actual room itself. Hotel marketing in Miami allows you to promote your property and highlight your unique features in a positive way. According to blog.thatagency.com, approximately 70% of consumers who have been involved in experiential marketing go on to become regular customers of that brand. Your HEM needs to be current and have a good mixture. Why do you ask? It allows you a 360 branding and marketing strategy for locals, day-trippers, and visitors. 5 reasons your hotel needs to market experiences are traveler demand, social media presence, competition, to diversify offerings, and to help maximize your bookings & revenue.


Travelers Demand Experiences

THAT Agency says that the hospitality industry including hotel marketing in Miami has changed more in the last two years than it did in the last fifty. It has probably become apparent that when someone is staying at your hotel they are not just paying for a product or service but the experience that they have while staying there. The increasing demand for experiences such as free Wi-Fi or breakfast has become an expectation for your guests. By leveraging already existing local experience marketplaces (LEM) you allow your guest to become familiar with the areas closest to your hotel during the booking process. Listing your on-site experiences in these LEMs gives you another source of revenue while properly positioning your hotel to traveler trends. By providing these experiences digitally you give the guest control over their itinerary before arriving. This generates instant opportunities attributing to both your topline revenue and preparing them for a wider experiential mindset.


Experiences Stand Out on Social Media

Without a doubt, we live in the digital age. At the center of it, it seems, is social media. With social media, you have the potential of mass brand exposure. It also allows you the opportunity to position your brand distinctively by sharing “experiences.” You can promote these experiences through not only social media but all the channels you have available. Local Experience Marketplaces like Midtown Miami Magazine (MMM) allow you the partnerships and additional channels needed to promote these experiences.


Diverse Offerings Increase RevPAR

Experiences help you diversify your hotel marketing strategy allowing you to create more opportunities to engage and monetize your guests. It can increase RevPAR by having the ability to use “add-on services”, “experiences” and “packaging” to upsell. Experiences like the Johnnie Walker Whiskey Flight and a Bite at The Sylvester. Having local partnerships like MMM you can craft those experiences and help to sell them to your guests. To diversify these offerings you will need to focus on experiences like food, beverages, pool, and wellness packages.


Your Competition is Doing It

The way to set yourself apart from other hotels in Miami is to completely engulf your customers in your brand and the experiences they associate with you. “Wow” your guest with the experiences they have in and around your hotel. The picture above is an example used at The Confidante Miami Beach offering a “Staycation” package on the MMM website. Make use of all those hidden gems in Miami like the ones listed on the MMM website that have already aligned with the same target audience.

This phase of hotel marketing in Miami has already begun. The Gates Hotel in South Beach has an exclusive partnership with a company called Bikini On Demand. This service allows guests to choose from and wear designer swimwear that can be delivered to the hotel in less than one hour. The Mondrian in South Beach sets itself apart from competitors by partnering with a company named Lady Jetset. This is a white-glove concierge fashion service offering designer rentals for delivery to their hotel guests.


It Maximizes Bookings & Revenue

As demand slowly shifts away from luxury and increasingly towards experiences in the hospitality industry it’s necessary to pay detailed attention to the on-site experiences you can offer during the booking process. Moreover, to maximize bookings & revenue promote nearby experiences that you cannot monetize internally at your hotel. Platforms like MMM already include businesses in these categories that your hotel can utilize. This creates a great word of mouth buzz not only in but around your hotel.


Hotel Marketing Wrap Up

Pay attention to the needs of your guests and remember that they are paying for the Experience. Be creative. Remember, you are in a wonderful position to offer something unique that won’t be easily forgotten. Experience Marketplaces are available for you to take advantage of and to help provide a once-in-a-lifetime memory for your guest’s next visit. HEM in Miami is trending as a way to give a more personalized experience. One that has been tailored especially for them. Whether it’s a local artist performance or the 5 most amazing ladies night in Miami tour, help stand out with your experiences. By listening to traveler demand, enhancing your social media presence, paying attention to competition, being able to diversify offerings, and maximizing your bookings & revenue, hotel and experience marketing in Miami opens doors this season.

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