5 Ways to Increase Hotel Revenue

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5 Ways to Increase Hotel Revenue

Date: Sep 28, 2022
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We know everyone wants to increase revenue and is trying very actively with their tourism strategy to accomplish this on an everyday basis. There are so many avenues to explore with the help of your team to boost occupancy levels, drive repeat bookings, and to remain memorable to your guests. Here are our top 5 ways to increase hotel revenue this season by perfecting your strategy for hotel marketing in Miami. By using local hashtags, email blasts, giveaway contests on social media, creating experiences in Miami and promoting locally, and utilizing constant local editorials you can fulfill your guest’s need while increasing your revenue.


Use Local Hashtags on Social Media

Everyone by now is fairly familiar with hashtags by seeing them on social media. But, how do you use them to increase hotel revenue? By placing the “#” symbol in front of a word or phrase (like your business name or location), the word or phrase acts as a topic marker. Now anyone who searches for that keyword or phrase will find people interested in that topic. This drives awareness and engagement with your hotel and brand. And engagement drives more traffic. A few good hashtags to get started would be a campaign hashtag that allows your customers to get involved with your current promotions. Or, of course, you can start with a branding hashtag using your slogan or company name Or simply use our city to get started such as #experiencemiami or #experience305. Either of which is great additions to your hotel and tourism marketing strategy.


Email Blasts Strategy

Email blasts do work; if you can get your customer to open them. Following a few simple rules about your emails will get them to read and help you effectively time any current promotions and boost your hotel marketing strategy. Number one is the subject line. Try not to use traditional greetings. Use something that sounds handcrafted and personalized to get your customers interested. Secondly, keep your emails very brief. Get to the point and your customers will reciprocate. And finally, keep the email mainly text. Pictures are great, but maybe just one of your properties or one of your logos that you are set apart from other hotels in Miami. Keep in mind that by leveraging other people’s email lists locally, who already have access to your target market of day-trippers and overnight visitors may be the easiest way to get your emails to perform. Some hotels cannot accomplish email marketing to locals on their own, so they sometimes hire outside agencies or local media companies to send out e-mail blasts for them. This method is quick and highly effective as a tourism strategy.


Giveaway Contests on Social Media

Having a contest on social media is a sure-fire way to increase hotel revenue, increase customer engagement, increase your email list, and create brand awareness. But again, there are some rules to follow. First, outline exactly what your goal is for the contest. You should have one attainable goal per contest. Second, determine the type of contest. Are you trying to grow your email list? Then request that customers sign up as part of the contest. Are you trying to increase your following while extending your tourism marketing strategy in Miami? Ask your potential customers to follow your page. Any contest promotes growth and is essential to the tourism marketing strategy. Thirdly, test different platforms. If a Facebook contest doesn’t work, move it to Instagram. Instagram not working? Move it to twitter. Knowing your customer persona and aligning with local marketplaces that have similar consumer personas will help you find the right platform that can help you define your hotel marketing in Miami strategy. And finally, don’t forget to measure your marketing strategy results. Without results, you won’t know where to improve for your next contest.


Create Experiences and Promote Locally

Your hotel is the starting point of experience creation. Now just help your customers find the rest of their experience in Miami. Do this in every phase of your guest’s lifecycle for the best results. You are the local expert in this arena and you can guide your customers to the local attractions and activities thus helping customize their experience. By partnering with local media companies you can sell your internal experiences (pool day cabanas, happy hours, lunch and dinner packages) through that 3rd party marketplace as one of your hotel marketing ideas. Tourism marketing agencies like Midtown Miami Magazine (MMM) have already started this process for you and can easily show you the way.


Current Local Editorials

For the fifth and final part of our plan to utilize 5 ways to increase hotel revenue, we talk about local editorials. Luckily, local experience marketplaces (like MMM) already have you covered. By creating current and detailed editorials monthly, experience marketplaces will direct your customers to the local spots that are closest and easiest to access from your hotel. Miami is an ever-changing city so to remain current with these editorials is key to your success.

Hotel Marketing Wrap Up

We’ve covered quite a bit so let’s review our list of 5 ways to increase hotel revenue in order. Create hashtags and use local hashtags on your social media posts as part of your tourism strategy. Email blasts work. Leverage locals’ email lists from local experience marketplaces for maximum exposure. Use social media giveaway contests for a fresh hotel marketing idea. Utilize your local experts to create experiences, promote locally, and have continuously updated and detailed editorials. Let your customers see how beautiful Miami is through your local eyes. Allow your strategy for hotel marketing in Miami stands out amongst your competition. You’ll create a lasting experience that results in repeat bookings and brand loyalty.

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