Is Your Hotel Generating Revenue from Local Experiences yet?

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Is Your Hotel Generating Revenue from Local Experiences yet?

Date: Jun 28, 2022
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In an article Skift reported, “The company [AirBnB]told the media that, in more than 25 cities, more than 10 percent of customers who rent homes through it also book experiences.”

Can your hotel afford to miss out on Experience revenue? This is a very important question to ask yourself going into season. The Experience in the Tours and Activities Sector refers to everything that your guest partakes of while staying at your hotel. Alternatively, ‘experiences’ refer to any pre-packaged activity that a local, day-tripper or visitor purchases while on their vacation or outing.

Hotel marketing in Miami needs to include Experience Marketing not only to capitalize on revenue but to complete your guests’ stay into a memorable experience. This changes the perception from a night in a hotel to an unforgettable experience that travelers will spread via word of mouth and written reviews. But how can your hotel take advantage of these trends?

We are going to discuss developing an experience marketing strategy that increases RevPar by utilizing the 2 types of experiences: on-site upsells and off-site affiliate partnerships.


Experience Markets are Booming

You may think that larger companies like Booking Holdings, Expedia Group, and Trip.com Group have already done this but according to Skift, they have overlooked the local experience marketplace and just how valuable it can be. They have a very small share in this booming part of the industry. Dermont Halpin who leads the experiences and vacation rentals businesses at TripAdvisor says  “…but from the average perspective across the company, things are getting better.” Luckily you and your hotel can improve RevPar by upselling two different experience types that help activate your Experiences Revenue Strategy. The two types of strategy for hotel marketing in Miami are on-site and off-site experiences.


Capitalize With On-Site Experiences

For on-site activities, we refer to pool, spa, dining, and any unique experiences that are offered inside your hotel only. Perhaps including a spa day included with a guests’ request to upgrade. Or you can upsell a wellness package to help create that unforgettable experience. Utilizing your Food & Beverage department to upsell items both in-room and at your restaurant. This also allows for on-site promotions to be part of the experience creation.


Familiarize With Off-Site Experiences

Off-site activities refer to museums, restaurants, bars, guided tours and other attractions that are closely located to your hotel. This makes your hotel the epicenter of the entire experience. Since MMM already has these experiences on its platform it makes access to them and your hotel very easy for the user. For example, The Sylvester located on N Miami Drive has an offering for an experience called Johnnie Walker Whiskey Flight and a Bite. Being included on the same platform and falling in physically close to your hotel gives you a strategic advantage. Inevitably by having similar offerings on this experience marketplace it can attribute to your Experiences Revenue Strategy. If travelers come to associate experiences like this with your particular hotel they will keep going back to for repeat stays. As an added benefit you will be able to take part in MMM’s affiliate program that earns them up to 15% of all experiences sold on our website.


Hotel Marketing Wrap Up

The big players of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) clearly have not capitalized on the local experience marketplace yet. This leaves you with an incredible opportunity to seize your local marketplaces that give back like MMM as an additional platform to share experiences; both on-site and off-site of your property. Your Experience Revenue Strategy should be the next step in hotel marketing especailly in Miami where we have so many experiences to offer. Promote Off-site Experiences and earn money like many of your neighbors have done through the MMM marketplace and your strategy will be ready to implement just in time for season.

Learn More About Experience Marketing Strategies today!

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