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How to Empower Yourself

Date: May 10, 2021
Author: Ariana Rodriguez 63 No Comments

“Empowered women empower women” is a strand of words that will either pop up in your feed or on a little’s girl tee shirt in a Chipotle line. That quote is posted frequently because not many people empower women. Women are shamed for their mishaps during menstruation and more. It can be painful being a woman, but it is more painful when there is a lack of support in the community and the world.

United Nations, an eco-conscious organization, has set a goal for the US. Some of the plans needed for a stronger community are: gender equality and empowering women. When the community is weak, there will be a lack of trust and empathy. People need to feel secure before they go to an event or place in the community. Only a few will show up and have the courage to walk out of their homes if women do not feel safe or accepted. In this article, I have some tips on how to empower yourself when everything else goes wrong. It doesn’t hurt to empower others along the way as well.

Knowledge is Power

woman wearing academic gown

We see women graduating from university and working these days. The working woman is normalized, yet some men don’t take us too seriously. Women are objectified in the workplace and school. You have heard the devasting confessions and stories. Unfortunately, it does not only happen in the movies. I have heard of some women being blocked from the class group chat just because of their gender. Some men do not even want to share notes or team up with women to this day. This is more of a case in S.T.E.A.M programs, but that should not happen anywhere.

The TedTalk video below shows how women in the engineering program are mistreated. Most girls are handed Barbie dolls in most cultures. My future daughter is definitely getting a set of legos and science toys. Our culture really separates the two genders in unnecessary ways.

If your access to knowledge is closed off, report it. No one should take away knowledge or make someone else climb more for it.

Safe Relationships

woman on bike reaching for man's hand behind her also on bike

Before you get into any relationship, remember to be an expert in self-love and self-care. If you are in a relationship, always remember to take care of yourself. I always find myself putting my partner first and everyone first, and it takes a toll on my mental health. That powerless feeling sinks in when are not having time for yourself. It would be best if you felt empowered and have a partner who supports you as well.

Other cultures are stuck in a system that is detached from love and only money/status. The U.S. stopped arranged marriages a while ago, but some women are still forced into it due to culture. There are organizations like United Nations that are against forced marriages. There is a fund (Click the link) to help end forced marriages. That is a tradition that needs to fade in obscurity.

Create Awareness

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The moment you see someone humiliated or talking down to a woman, stand up for her or report it if it gets out of hand. Women don’t get supported often; therefore, nothing changes. Women need to feel valued and accepted as much as men in the community.

Peaceful protests or educational seminars can be beneficial for the growth of the community.

Surround Yourself with People Like You

2 women sitting on black chair

Connect with Yourself

Take time to time yourself. Build yourself. Figure out what you want and not what everyone wants for you. Plan it out well. Sometimes going out of your comfort zone can be scarier for someone afraid of heights going skydiving. Just do it as Nike says.

Right when you know what you want, you can just dive straight into your dreams. Dive deep right after you have researched and thought out what was best for you. This is where you take those big leaps without mercy. This how to get your dream job and life. It all starts with an idea. Ideas and thoughts more aligned with your mindset come out the moment you are truly connected to yourself.

My Two Cents

You will be unstoppable when you start to take your own advice and empower yourself. Everyone should empower others and themselves naturally. There is a wholesome feeling that engulfs you when you empower the women and everyone around you.

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