How to Travel Like a Boss: The 4 Types of Trending Travel

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How to Travel Like a Boss: The 4 Types of Trending Travel

Date: May 10, 2021
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At MMM, we are constantly looking for ways to engage the community in more conscious activities for ourselves and the environment, and one of those key activities to explore the world we live in and our souls is traveling. In recent years we have seen a rise in concerns for the planet and for living lives that are more indicative of our values and who we are as citizens of the world, and thus 4 types of traveling have organically emerged to align with our intentions within the world alongside better ways to help sustain it and, perhaps, help restore it from the damage we have caused it. Sustainable, Transformational, Regenerative, and Responsible travel have all become staples for those who live by sustainability and wish to mindfully move around the globe, turning it into a better place -giving back to it, instead of taking from it.

While we have already explored many destinations, fun ideas, and ways you can practice these four forms of travel in the past, today we want to teach you what they truly seek and how you can successfully engage with the world through them!

Sustainable Travel

What it is: this form of travel encompasses almost all others – it wishes for you to visit all kinds of destinations around the world, ensuring that you will cause no harm to the environment and people in it. It means for you to leave the place you visited as you found it. With the tourism industry being plagued with practices that look to entertain travelers leaving its surroundings and its survival aside, sustainable travel is the answer for those who have grown tired of taking advantage of their destination and instead, being kind to it.

When to do it: any time an exciting opportunity to heal within and outside of yourself surges, in order to stabilize planet Earth as well as yourself. Sustainable traveling is a great opportunity to show gratitude for yourself and the environment!

How to do it: the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council), alongside their highly informative and insightful webpage, have designated search engines that feature accredited sustainable hotels and have pinned a map with certified sustainable destinations plus some search engines that might help you find adventures there! In addition, keep in mind that traveling sustainably is traveling responsibly, which we will discuss a bit later.

Transformational Travel

What it is: when traveling can no longer be seen as a way to escape life for a few days but instead as a bridge to incite change and exalt your consciousness, transformational travel begins. As the transformational travel webpage puts it – “Transformational travel is intentionally traveling to stretch, learn, and grow into new ways of being and engaging with the world.”

When to do it: when your soul seeks to change and personal growth beyond a level that your locality can’t give you. This can happen when traveling to a location choosing to learn from it and mutate into better skins in the process, being willing to get lost and move not with expectations but with intentions.

How to do it: as their Guiding Practices page says it best, you should always start by asking yourself “who am I and who do I want to be?” in order to ignite the light of transformation. By encouraging Introspection, Bridging, and Expansion within yourself, this section from the official Transformational Travel website also uses acronyms to describe all the ways you can actively practice transformation in your travels.

Regenerative Travel

What it is: as a means to not only heal yourself but also heal the destination you are visiting, regenerative travel seeks to honor and help better the community and the ecosystem visited. This kind of travel gaining traction in the past year focuses on ensuring you leave the place you visit even better than it was when you arrived.

When to do it: this form of travel requires the willingness to learn, grow and work for the environment while you enjoy your stay. It might not always involve lounging around at the beach, but instead, taking care of the species around the shore for a day and learning how to preserve the biome further. Whenever curiosity and a drive to give back to the planet surges within you, it is time to do some regenerative travel!

How to do it: The Regenerative Travel webpage offers eco-luxury stays which can help you locate the best places around the globe to start your healing journey, as well as itineraries that curate your stay at various locations to explore a specific environment.

Responsible Travel

What it is: To be a Responsible traveler is to be a sustainable traveler. Informing yourself of the place you are visiting and doing a little research beforehand can go a long way when it comes to appreciating, respecting, and honoring your destination.

When to do it: to want to be responsible in your travels should be the first step to travel in the future. Whenever you wish to reimagine the way you see tourism not just as a way to relax but also a way to engage with the community and what it has to offer, responsible traveling begins.

How to do it: the GSTC website offers a detailed guide on how to be a responsible traveler which you can rely on whenever you are ready to learn further about this form of tourism! Additionally, they have designed a 30-minute online training course that will crunch down all the necessary info you need to become a responsible traveler.

Although they are all pointing in the same direction of healing oneself and the planet, each of these forms of travel will offer you different experiences depending on what you are looking for at the moment within yourself and what you feel like the world needs from you at the time. The world is ready to open its arms to you and show you how majestic it is, and what better way to compliment it than by doing it Sustainably, in a Transformational fashion, to help Regenerate it and doing it Responsibly!

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