How Your Restaurant Can Successfully Use Instagram

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How Your Restaurant Can Successfully Use Instagram

Date: Feb 1, 2023
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The proper use of Instagram can be extremely lucrative for experiential businesses. With one billion monthly active users, the picture and video sharing platform is second to Facebook as the biggest social media network in the world. With this enormous user base and 64% of 18 to 29-year olds active on Instagram, the app presents an intriguing opportunity for businesses to create engagement with their existing audience or be discovered by a new one. This begs the question: how does a restaurant in Miami utilize Instagram to convert followers into paying customers? The following article will provide a detailed explanation of how to increase your business’s customers by crafting perfect Instagram stories, highlights, and composing Instagram posts that generate traffic.

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Crafting Perfect Instagram Stories

Instagram stories is a powerful tool given to businesses that facilitates engaging and interacting with potential customers. A good way a restaurant in Miami can view an Instagram story is as a miniature, interactive billboard. The first way that your business can successfully utilize this feature is by including a poll slide with positive choices. This way, when someone “votes” on the poll they are creating a positive connection with your brand. Along with winning engagement “points”, this tactic makes the customer feel appreciated and that their opinion matters. Aside from using a picture that evokes positive emotions in the consumer, every post should include a link that leads to an RSVP, events page, or website that will generate revenue for your business (note: including a link in an Instagram story is only available to accounts with a following of 10,000 or more). Instagram stories should be used to create a bond with your customers, gather information about your followers and generate customer interactions like RSVPs, phone calls and online purchases.

SEO in Miami restaurants in Miami social media in Miami

Highlighting Your Instagram Stories

Did you know that Instagram stories get deleted after 24 hours? It may seem that the only drawback of Instagram stories is the fact that they disappear so quickly. Instagram highlights are the solution to this drawback. This feature allows businesses to categorize and immortalize their expertly crafted Instagram story. For example, a restaurant in Miami may categorize their Instagram stories by happy hour, lunch, or Miami Heat viewing parties. This allows users to easily sift through the different categories of products and service offerings. The first thing that someone who views your profile sees is the layout. This includes the highlights section located at the top that will be a shortcut to your immortalized stories. An organized, interactive, and exciting highlight section is the best way to create a good first impression for your existing and potential customers.

SEO in Miami restaurants in Miami social media in Miami

Instagram Posts Can Generate Traffic

Instagram posts are important for a business because they are the primary vehicle that positions their brand to potential customers. These posts should include high quality and curated pictures that fully capture the experience of being at your restaurant. Instagram posts are valuable because they include a space to write engaging captions and relevant hashtags. Just like the pictures on your post, the caption should be intriguing and tailored to your customers with the goal of getting them to view your Instagram stories and click the link on the bottom of the post. This link is important for your business because it will push traffic towards an RSVP page, newsletter subscription, or event page. This traffic will translate to more purchases and ultimately an increase in revenue for your business. Hashtags are a rather extensive topic, but in short, they should be a combination of words that help potential customers find your posts.

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Wrap Up

In conclusion, Instagram is a powerful tool that allows a business to generate valuable customer interactions and brand awareness. The 3 features that were discussed in the article are great ways to create engagement and customer relationships. Instagram stories are a great way to form a connection with an audience through interactive polls. The highlights feature allows businesses to make an impact on customers through categorization and consistency. Finally, the posts feed provides value to your business by building your brand, making it relevant with hashtags, and driving customers to in-house revenue generation points. Social media in Miami is all about connecting with an audience and showing them a good time along the way to adding them to your customer community. Any business that successfully connects with an audience and leads them to interact through Instagram is well on their way to running a successful business in Miami.

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