Learn 10 Trip Planning Tips & Insight from Travel Blogger Isabella Garofanelli

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Learn 10 Trip Planning Tips & Insight from Travel Blogger Isabella Garofanelli

Date: Mar 20, 2023
Author: Jasmyne Valentyn 1220 No Comments

1. Why is Travel so important for you?

Travel broadens the mind and it’s how I’ve learned so much about the world we live in. This world is both small in that we can reach the other side of the globe in a day and vast in that it is so diverse and beautiful with so much to experience and learn. I think we should learn as much as possible in the short time we are here. Travel makes that possible.

2. What are your thoughts on what makes a good trip?

There are so many factors and variables to a “good trip.” What is important for you, may not be for me. An adventure filled trip may not work for someone who wants to relax and just soak up the sites. For me, a good trip always includes amazing experiences within other cultures, amazing cuisines, and smooth travel. In the end, what makes a good trip is achieving what you intentionally set out to do when you stepped away from your home to your travel destination.

3. What are some challenges while traveling and how have you solved them?

There are always challenges when you travel, some greater than others. Missing a connecting flight can be frustrating and throw an entire itinerary off but the key is to be flexible and remember that no matter how well you’ve planned, you can’t control what you can’t control. Solving those problems means understanding options, resources, and getting access to help when you need it. 

4. Tell us about your favorite place to travel in the US (try to align with cities on our website if possible)

Well to be fair, I live where the world comes to vacation. I absolutely love love love Miami and all the experiences, hidden gems, and beauty it offers everywhere you look. If it weren’t for my wanderlust I would never leave, but travel is what I live for. That said, how can you not love places like New York, LA, Chicago for some of the most diverse experiences, sites, and food the U.S. has to offer! I love Colorado both summer and winter. Vermont and Boston in the fall are stunning. Our nation’s capital is full of history, culture, and where I’m reminded of my patriotism for the country I love. 

5. What are your thoughts on intentional and/or holistic travel?

Holistic travel should include specific aspects in order to create a balanced trip including culture (local cuisine, language, customs, etc.), connection (making an effort to become closer to the people you travel with), adventure (a good thrill and adrenaline rush), and relaxation (time to disconnect and recharge). These are aspirational. And even if you have these things in mind, you may not get through each one every day, but thinking about these as part of your travel does help provide balance many travelers would benefit from.

6. What do you think the future of travel looks like?

There is no doubt that travel has changed forever due to the pandemic. Once we have a vaccine, I can see people traveling with masks and hand sanitizer not because they have to but instead because it’s just smart. I believe normal travel will include temperature checks, more rigorous pre-travel health checks including vaccinations, and travelers paying a lot more attention to what is happening from a global health perspective not just for travel but just as part of their daily lives. 

7. What are some ways you stay well while travelling?

For me there are some key things I do to stay healthy while traveling. My top 3 include:

– Staying hydrated. Don’t underestimate how drinking plenty of water can help maintain good health.

– Exercise. I know it’s hard sometimes especially when you travel across the globe with jetlag and so on. Exercise helps relieve stress, releases endorphins, and of course helps work off that extra dessert we all have when we travel.

– Sleep. I know we tend to go go go when we travel, but it’s important to recharge every day. I know if I don’t get enough sleep, I won’t get as much out of my trip the following day.

8. How did you get into becoming a Travel Influencer?

I like to think of myself as a content producer and travel writer. I started the way so many others do by posting about the things I did and the places I went to. I found that people enjoyed my content and would ask me about those things and places. I then figured out that there was opportunity there. I learned to reach out to brands and create the content they wanted to share with their customers. Throughout the process, I found my voice and have learned how to use it for some of the biggest brands across the globe.

9. Why is coaching such a big passion of yours?

I have learned so much over the years. Unfortunately so many of those lessons were learned the hard way. I want to share what I learned and save others the hard knocks I went through. I’m also a firm believer in paying it forward and that it’s the right thing to do. Selfishly, I know that by teaching, I’m always learning too so my own skills are always at the top of their game. Finally, there’s that “aha” moment you see in someone when you’ve shared something they understand can potentially change their lives. I love those moments and coaching has given me a ton of those moments. 

10. What’s on your 2020-2021 travel bucket list items?

As of now for 2020, I’m scheduled to travel to one of my favorite places in the world which is the Maldives. I’ll be working with some amazing brands there and I can’t wait. Aside from that, I’ll do some domestic traveling, but for 2021 I’m planning to go back to Asia, Europe, and of course the Caribbean. 

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