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Tech Tuesday: eMerge + Branger_Briz

Date: Mar 20, 2023
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What is Branger_Briz?

Branger_Briz is an interactive agency based in Midtown Miami, with offices in Chicago and Cali, Colombia. We’re artists, educators and programmers bent on articulating our digital landscape, creating memorable interactive projects for ourselves and our clients.

What gave you the idea?

the goal was simple, eMerge wanted an engaging interactive piece that leveraged new technologies for their launchpad, which is why they approach us: integrating new technologies into different contexts is one of our specialties. One of the most important factors with interactive pieces, like this, is understanding the context ( the venue + the audience ), the eMerge EXPO floor is a noisy space, with so much action. So we knew it had to be a quick, and direct experience in order to properly fit the flow of the attendees narrative trajectory while on the EXPO floor. At the same time, we wanted to make something which echoed the conference’s, Discover, Connect, and Be Inspired, themes. Connect is what really drives people an event, they want to establish contacts, see what others are up to and network. Which is why we created something that forefronted all the people that came to network, in a way that might evoke “connection” ( as well as discovery and inspiration ).

The End Result

Was custom software we wrote which used a Kinect camera to scan the 3D shape of each participant that stood in front of it and display, in real-time, a digitally stylized portrait on the jumbotron . The aesthetic gets progressively more interesting as they move around and interact with the installation. All the while 3D snapshots are taken of each participant and immediately uploaded to a the Branger_Briz websitewhere the portraits got collected, creating a 3D montage of all the attendees who participated.

How will someone in or visiting Miami benefit from using Branger_Briz?

Though we’re based in Miami the reality is that Branger_Briz lives on the Internet. We’ve worked with people from all around the world. As for benefits, something that drives much of our work is our commitment to digital literacy, in addition to being artists and programmers, many of us are educators- teaching in various different academic institutions. To us, more important than our ability to execute projects is our commitment to guiding our clients through the ecology of networked tools, themes and cultures we live in today.

For us it’s real important to understand that the new technologies of our day aren’t simply tools they’re also environments, we work hard to help folks understand the implications and we feel the work we make reflects that understanding. – Founders, Branger_Briz

How many cities are you currently in?

We have physical offices in 3 locations: Miami, Chicago, and Cali, Colombia. But, have the ability to work with customers around the world, thanks to the evolution of the Internet. 

Where will Branger_Briz be in 5 Years?

As an eMerge keynote, Ray Kurzweil explains in his iconic book “The Age of Spiritual Machines” technology moves exponentially. That’s something we’ve got a good grasp on at Branger_Briz but still seems to surprise most of us. What this means, in short, is that we’ll be doing stuff in 5 years that you’d otherwise think wouldn’t be possible for another 32 years. 

What’s your next big idea?

Follow us on GitHub to watch us develop our open source projects as we work, or check out some of our previous projects likeDigital Trail Space for ArtBasel to get an idea of what we do! 

Meet the Founders

Ramon Branger

Ramon is the firm’s CEO, focused on partnering with our clients to diagnose their objectives, inform the vision for how we bring projects to life, and grow our clients’ brand and business. Ramon also leads the growth of Branger_Briz, and actively represents the firm within the community as an educator and industry advocate. A passionate user and advocate for how technology facilitates our lives and businesses, one of Ramon’s priorities includes constantly monitoring innovation, emerging platforms and changing user behaviors that will impact the evolution of our work.

Paul Briz

With 15+ years experience in technology and a trained engineer, Paul is the firm’s Chief Technology Expert, leading our vision for how technology can best bring an experience to life. Paul is an expert in emerging technologies, coding, and various programming languages – and understands what is most efficient. Along with Ramon, Paul is also constantly monitoring new innovations in the world of technology, effectively playing the role of Research & Development (R&D).

Branger_Briz: Website | Twitter

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