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Yoga for the 9 to 5

Date: Jan 23, 2022
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Do you feel that? Your hips and shoulders tightening after hours of work at the office, week after week. Like most of us, I sit hours a day in front of my computer feeling the tension every night as I battle falling asleep. The last thing we need after a long week is to carry the tension with us on our weekend. No thanks. Luckily, there are simple yoga poses and stretches that you can do daily to relieve the tension in your body. Don’t even try to pull the too-busy-to-yoga card on me, because you can do these at your desk or right before bed. It’s time to put your yoga practice to work!

Yoga for Your Hips

Seated Lotus

My hips have always been a trouble area for me. Naturally they tend to be very tight and working for hours at my desk makes it all the more uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, all this hip talk has made me realize how tight I feel right now. Taking a quick yoga breather.

Ahh much better! This is by far my favorite hip opener and I love that you can do it at your desk or lay down in bed. Here’s how:

  1. Midtown Miami Yoga Start sitting upright in your chair with both soles of your feet on the ground.
  2. Cross the right ankle over the left knee. Allow the right knee to relax down toward the ground. Flex both feet. This may be enough of a stretch.
  3. To take it a step further hold onto your left thigh and draw it closer to the body, lifting your left foot off the floor. You can use your right elbow to gently nudge the right knee away from you, deepening the stretch.
  4. Hold for 5 breaths or up to 1 minute if comfortable.
  5. Make sure to do it on the other side!

Bound Angle Pose

I work from home, so sometimes when I catch my hips feeling tight, I like to sit Indian style for a couple of minutes while I’m working to give my hips a nice stretch. If you’d like to deepen this stretch try folding forward for a couple of breaths.Warning, this is a bit hard to do in an office chair but it’s a great option for my fellow work-from-home people!

Yoga for Your Shoulders

Midtown Miami YogaEagle Arms

This pose relieves the tension you get in your upper back and neck from sitting for hours a day.

  1. Start in an upright seated position at the edge of your seat with both soles of your feet on the ground.
  2. Keeping the spine long, inhale and cross the right elbow over the left.
  3. Bending your elbows to a comfortable position try to touch your palms together.
  4. Hold for 5 breaths.

Yoga for Your Back

Midtown Miami YogaSeated Twist

  1. In a seated upright position, twist to the left.
  2. Use your left hand on the back of your seat to deepen your stretch.
  3. Hold for 5 breaths
  4. Repeat on your other side.

Take a Walk

Nothing get’s your circulation going like a nice walk around the office. Take a walk around Wynwood, Midtown, or maybe downtown Miami- after all, Miami is a beautiful place.



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