Your Music Festival Survival Guide

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Your Music Festival Survival Guide

Date: Feb 24, 2020
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If you’ve ever been to an outdoor music festival you know there are certain things you need to pack. But what about the efficiency of how you pack? Let’s not forget you’ll be rubbing shoulders with strangers for a few days and that can make it pretty difficult to keep tabs on all your things. One of my favorite festival memories is road-tripping with my girlfriends to the Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. We packed a cooler of snacks and some of our favorite shades for the bright southern sun. But there are a few things we probably never thought we’d need.


Packing 101:

packing tips midtown miami

Once you’ve decided what you want to take you have to pack it all up. Now, I don’t know about you but the smaller my bag is the happier I am.

Picture the outfit you’ll be wearing, dissect it, put it in a ziplocbag and write when you plan to wear it on the bag. This includes your undergarments, socks and scrunchie, if you’re anything like me and lose one every day. When the day is over, feel free to stuff your festival-scented clothes right back in the same ziploc bag you took it out of.


6 Essentials to Remember

music festival packing tips mistown miami

Besides your closest friends, you’ll regret to forget:

A good backpack or cross-purse. When I say a good backpack, I’m talking about something water resistant and durable. There’s nothing worse than an unexpected rain on camping grounds or a drunken mishap making its way into your things.

Clear, cheap, ponchos. On our second and most anticipated festival day, the southern skies of Georgia shed a heavy downpour. Being our first outdoor music festival away from home, we were definitely not prepared for rain. Unless awesome lip stain and waterproof mascara count as prepared – rookies. Luckily, we found some well-prepared fellow festival junkies who donated their extra ponchos. So sweet! Tip: always pack an extra poncho.

As a side not, experiencing a music festival during a rainy day is by far one of the best memories you can make and possibly one of the best ways to enjoy a summer festival.

A first aid kit. I’ve gotten some pretty memorable gashes on my music festival ventures but I wouldn’t be able to tell them so happily without the rescue of my first aid kit. some band-aids, hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin are enough to keep your cuts from infection.

One pair of comfortable shoes ready to take on a weekend of adventures. Seriously ladies, find one pair of shoes that go with all your festival-fairy and boho-babe outfits. Think of it as the ultimate packing challenge.

An air mattress or sleeping bag. Because sometimes the bed just doesn’t cut it.

Bug Repellent like this herbal one will help keep the bugs away so you can enjoy those amazing late night headliners.

Happy festival ventures!


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