Music Spotlight: Danny Stern on Art Basel

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Music Spotlight: Danny Stern on Art Basel

Date: Feb 1, 2023
Author: Dimarco Barea 882 No Comments

DJ Danny Stern and Emilio Estefan

As the collectors leave town the ghosts of Art Basel glide slowly across the night sky and white tents in Midtown Miami. The once heavily populated area full of art, artists, music and even a protest has fallen silent on Midtown Boulevard. From this silence comes the remnant memory of this past week with a playlist from Miami Mix Master DJ Danny Stern and a Q&A that gives us a local’s point of View of Art Basel.

What Does Art Basel Mean To Locals?

A chance to rub shoulders with people from out of town who are experts on everything!! No in all seriousness, it’s a really cool time of year down here. I love the energy that it brings with it. Lots of cool music everywhere and oh yeah some pretty amazing ART.

What is Your Favorite Art Basel Memory?

Lots of good times had over the years, but playing music for such a broad and ecletic group of people is always fun.

If you were to have dinner with one artist (alive or dead) during Art Basel who would it be?

My Future Self !!

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