Nikki Dishes on Asheville Doughnuts

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Nikki Dishes on Asheville Doughnuts

Date: Jun 3, 2020
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Everyone knows that Asheville is known for its amazing food and the Doughnuts here are no exception. Outside of the well-known chains, Asheville has these 5 amazing local doughnut shops that will have you coming back for more.

Underground Café & DoughP Doughnuts

This locally-owned joint in the basement of The Jackson building, leaves you enjoying the nostalgia brought on by the Simpsons themed interior, the playing of Futurama on the TV, and the 90’s games that can be found all around. The breakfast is great too…but it’s the doughnuts that really set this place apart! The Real OG (think original glazed) is a staple that everyone should try at least once in their lives.


This is one of the best-known doughnut shops in Asheville and for good reason. The doughnuts are amazing but you need to get there early because they do run out! Try the Vortex doughnut with a nitro cold brew, you won’t regret it! The sugar and chocolate “glaze” on the Vortex is the perfect amount of sweetness to get you up and running in the morning. The atmosphere is also nice and unlike your typical doughnut shop but seating can be limited when they are busy. 


Hole is another well known local doughnut shop in West Asheville. This was my first time trying a Hole doughnut so I went with the original glazed and I cannot say that I was disappointed…in fact it was fresh and amazing! My co-worker who I shared one with said it was the best doughnut she has ever had. I didn’t spend much time inside the shop but it was cute and quaint and had a really good atmosphere with incredibly friendly employees.

Duck Donut

This tiny little shop is in North Asheville and has some seriously unique flavors to choose from. I went with the Bacon Maple glazed doughnut and it was like eating a full plate of breakfast in one bite. In one word, it was delicious! The shop and people who work there are also great and make you feel welcomed upon entering if you have any questions (and you will) – just ask, they are happy to fill you in!

Geraldines Bakery

This place is also in North Asheville and serves up more than just doughnuts…but since doughnuts we’re my mission, I opted out of trying the other yummy looking baked goods. The doughnut (original glazed) did not disappoint and if it’s any indication of what the other baked goods will taste like, then I will be back! 

Overall though, I think The Underground Café and DoughP doughnuts takes home the prize for the best doughnut shop in town! The Simpsons themed décor, the smell, the 90’s games, the tastiness of the Real OG, and the fact that you can pair a beer with your doughnut (just try it!) makes this place unlike any other! 

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