Painter Taylor Cavazos Uses Art For Awareness

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Painter Taylor Cavazos Uses Art For Awareness

Date: Jun 25, 2021
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Florida for Good hosted a showing for the latest Patagonia film Artifishal and a roundtable discussion with a panel of industry professionals in the fish industry. The showing took place on Saturday June 1st at 1pm at O Cinema on Miami Beach. One of the centerpieces of the event was an art auction during which South Florida artist Taylor Cavasos’s “Dotted Shark” painting sold. The proceeds from the sale were donated to the non-profit organization Conscious Entrepreneurs Roundtable who cohosted the event.

The event began at 12pm with tastings of coffee provided by Euforia Coffee, and an all natural soda by Santa Fe Roots. Folks milled around sipping on their drinks and eating a few snacks that were provided while taking in the intricate swirls and stylings of Taylor Cavasos’ masterpiece on display on the table. It was a fitting piece to display as it featured an important animal in marine ecosystems, a shark. The auction would proceed electronically during the event, and the buyer would be announced after the show.

Everyone filed into the theater as the viewing of the award winning film Artifishal was about to begin. The movie centered around the dangers and harms caused by overfishing, hatcheries, and fish farming. Even environmentally conscious people were surprised to learn how fragile these marine ecosystems are and how our fishing and maritime cultures have impacted marine life so thoroughly. The movie truly spoke as a testament to the trials and tribulations that these precious wildlife and natural resources are forced to endure. The film was eye opening and enjoyed by all.

Following the showing, a dynamic panel of industry professionals and entrepreneurs spoke and gave their takeaways on the film. They spoke at length about all the impacts that are going on in our oceans and how they thought we could work on and solve them. Some of the panelists noted that Patagonia, the company behind the film, is involved in the fishing industry as well and questioned their objectivity on the subject, but in the end, all agreed that the film and its topic was deeply important to explore and bring to light.

The event concluded with the announcement of the buyer of the painting “Dotted Shark.” They had pictures taken with Taylor, the artist holding the painting aloft for all to see. All in all the viewing was a tremendous occasion that spoke about the important dangers our marine ecosystems are struggling so very much to endure.

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