citizen M Boston

A hotel for the modern traveler. Their 20 hotels exist in 13 cities to help you travel, work, eat, sleep and play, stylishly and more affordably. Read More
70 Causeway St, Boston, MA 02114, USA
(617) 861-4360
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citizen M Boston

citizenM is the answer to your traditional hotel frustrations. Long queues in reception, closed kitchens when you arrive from another time zone, hidden charges, uneven standards… we get it. Our founder, Rattan Chadha, got it too. He thought there must be a better hotel experience out there, and if there wasn’t, he’d make it happen. And he did. He created affordable luxury for the people.
This is how citizenM was born. Our first hotel opened at Amsterdam Schiphol in 2008. Our motto: affordable luxury for the people. Over a decade and 19 hotels later, it’s still what we believe in. We are unapologetically different. We don’t bend with the trends, but we stay true to who we are.
Our guests stay in smartly designed rooms, where the things that really matter are of the very best quality: enormous beds to get lost in with heavenly mattresses, luxurious linens, powerful showers, free movie libraries, and all the Wi-Fi they’d ever need, absolutely free.
We said goodbye to boring cold lobbies. We have living rooms, with huge comfortable Vitra couches and chairs, TVs with changeable channels, books and art. We designated special spaces for working and gave our guests free iMacs and printers to use. In the middle of every living room is the hub of it all: canteenM, where we serve food and beverages to arrivals from any time zone, 24/7.
Our flagship hotels at Tower of London, New York Times Square, New York Bowery and Paris Gare de Lyon have something spectacular: cloudM, our bar in the clouds, where we expertly mix signature cocktails, entertainment and star gazing.
We welcome all mobile citizens of the world. Check-in in one minute, and then all of citizenM is yours to enjoy.


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