Nômade Hotel

LTE 10 E, Carretera Costera Tulum-Punta Allen, 77780 Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
+52 984 803 2243
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Nômade Hotel

Nómade Tulum is a human centered hotel, conceived as a temporary habitat for those ready to learn and share; Ready to awake the soul, shake the body and free the mind. It is a space in a sacred land, on the Yucatan Peninsula, just a few minutes away from the Mayan ruins southeastern Mexico. It is surrounded by the most beautiful white-sanded beaches, along the caribbean side.

Here the mind, body and soul of all our guest will be delighted and fulfilled by mother nature. You will embrace a personal transformation by the consciousness of community. Focusing on creating an experience for self evolution we have put together a unique all year round program of knowledge sharing.

We offer retreats, workshops and talks, run every week by a different expert, by a gifted and dedicated individual with extensive experience and knowledge ( shamans, healers, therapists, dancers and more). Programs make use of classes and treatments incorporating local and global natural products, materials and techniques. With a unique focus on the shamanic world and traditional original wisdom, medicinal herbs of the amazon and ancestral culture, sound healing, dance ceremonies, daily yoga sessions, massage and other healing modalities can be found, at Nómade Tulum.

It is also place to relax where you can use the facilities of our Yäan Wellness Energy Spa offering healing, rejuvenation and deep transformation in a magical and organic setting.

Natural materials dominate the comfort and minimalist design of the Nómade Tulum hotel, creating a combination of a boutique natural healthy environment.
The rooms are hand-built blend modern chic with local materials. Each room is just footsteps away from the beach –yet designed to have enough privacy to become one with the environment.

Our culinary shamans prepare gourmet raw and cooked organic and healing food. A variety of delicious and fresh offerings prepared daily with seasonal local flavors.


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