Aurora Molina: Texture, Color, Lines, and Tension

The Contemporary Art Modern Project is pleased to announce our February exhibition, a solo show featuring new works by Aurora Molina.

February 27, 2021
12:00 P.M. - 05:00 P.M.
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Aurora Molina: Texture, Color, Lines, and Tension

Aurora Molina, a working artist with an extensive exhibiting history, teacher, and founder of Fiber Arts Miami Association (FAMA), continues to not simply adapt to, but fiercely engage with changing times all the while keeping her foot on the pedal of a sewing machine. Her body of work is rich—with intention, color, and experience. Her pieces exact a sociopolitical criticism that is ingrained in the very threads she uses, be they physical or intellectual. Molina’s playful color palette and observant soft sculptures are just as traditional as they are ruthless, defying norms at every corner of life via method and concept.

Given the turbulent refreshing deconstruction of “tradition” in the last year, Molina has adapted in her own, uncannily timely way, swapping sewing machines and embroidery for hand weaving, and in turn putting her vulnerability and humanity on display and asking the same of the audience. Her February exhibition at The CAMP Gallery, Texture, Color, Lines, and Tension, sees the artist moving away from her characteristic figurative style and embracing the abstraction of emotion and time. Collectively, the works are grounded in tension, be it visual or spiritual, embodied by the act of weaving.

Statement and curation by Maria Gabriela Di Giammarco