Plant Based Basics: Three Course American Meal

Learn to create favorite raw version of U.S. American standards in this hands-on culinary experience led by  Plant based Chef Carla Martins as she brings a culinary twist for things to do in Miami with a special on creating apple pie, flatbread, burger and fries.

September 10, 2019
06:30 P.M. - 09:00 P.M.
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Plant Based Basics: Three Course American Meal

Burger and fried never felt so deliciously healthy!

Learn to create our favorite raw version of U.S. American standards in this hands-on culinary experience led by our Plant based Basics Raw Chef Carla Martins. In this class you will learn to make:

– Flatbread
– Burger and Fries
– Apple Pie

What to Bring:

Please bring your own reusable containers to take your creations home with you. We are moving towards being 100% sustainable!​​

Presenter Biography:

Chef Carla Martins’ first conscious contact with Raw Foods was in 2007 when her mother spent a week visiting. Her had already mentioned she was eating “differently”, but until then Chef Carla had no idea what a raw vegan diet would be like. The first dish she tasted was a raw version of Borscht (beet soup). While her mom was in the kitchen preparing it, she made fun of her and the ingredients she was combining. It all seemed unusual to Chef Carla. Then she had the courage to taste it and could not believe how delicious it was! She loved how creative and unique it all was. After that moment, she visited a gourmet raw vegan restaurant, in California, and once again was completely surprised by the taste and aromas of raw foods. Since she was a child her mother always taught her to eat a healthy and balanced diet. She was never a big fan of meat. Fruits and vegetables were a big part of her diet. After this first contact with gourmet raw food, her mother gave her some raw vegan “cook” books and she was hooked. Chef loved the fact she could make delicious dishes by mixing and blending instead of cooking. This new style of “not cooking” was simpler and easier to execute and it made her feel very energized. Her sleep improved. That was when Chef Carla found her passion for creating in the kitchen by UNcooking delicious meals. As time passed she realized that wherever she went, people around her were curious about her eating habits. Gradually she started learning and improving their diets and finally realized that teaching how to make raw foods would be a fun way to spread the word and change lives one bite at a time. Most of her knowledge in nutrition and raw foods came from books and her mother originally and In 2016 she attend Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy in Miami at The sacred Space Miami. She graduated Levels 1 and 2 which supported her in refining her knowledge and skills in the kitchen.​​

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