SATELLITE Hits Basel Miami with Experiential Art for 2020

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SATELLITE Hits Basel Miami with Experiential Art for 2020

Date: Aug 14, 2020
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From loungey rest areas, vintage relaxation areas, oversized hip hop icon hot dog inflatable art, and virtual reality installations there is only one Art Fair during Art Basel this year that can say it is truly Experiential. While cocktails and afterparties are a mainstay of what you may encounter during the season, few organizers like SAS have been able to create a truly immersive space that challenges the observer to be an engaged participant in the work.

SATELLITE ART SHOW presents interactive projects by young dealers, artist-run spaces and non-profits. By fostering a range of programming, SATELLITE is able to offer patrons and collectors with a unique experience where art is at the forefront of creative expression, activism, and curiosity. Their exhibitors are encouraged to provide visitors both an opportunity to collect new works of art as well as to present exhibitions that are engaging, experiential and interactive. SATELLITE is expanding perceptions on art and community and providing an inclusive environment for guests to feel comfortable in exploration and discovery. SATELLITE produces their groundbreaking event in Miami (Art Basel), Austin (SXSW) and New York City. SATELLITE is an Artist-Run organization consisting of current team members Brian Andrew Whiteley, Quinn Dukes, Anna Liisa Benston and past members Jason Derek North, Alex Paik, and Jesse Bandler Firestone.

DATES: December 4 – 8, 2019



December 4: 6pm – Midnight (Private Party)

December 5: 6pm – 1am

December 6: 6pm – 1am

December 7: 1pm – 1am

December 8: 1pm -6pm

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