Six Transformational Travel Destinations

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Six Transformational Travel Destinations

Date: May 10, 2021
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Ready to slip into a life-changing, restoring metamorphosis? I can hear the chorus of ‘yeses’ in the key of A (the happy note).

Life can be like a merry-go-round at full speed. The time-off that we have is sucked by some invisible black hole. We are constantly honing every aspect of our life that revolves around our responsibilities. The problem is when do we fully commit to ourselves. It’s time to request those two weeks off, and travel to a transformative destination. It’s time to let the old skin shed, and step into the new. I made it simple for you by searching for the best transformative travel locations that will help you get back on track.

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What is Transformative Traveling?

Transformative traveling is simply how it sounds. The world looks different after experiencing the culture of someone else. Walking the path of someone else different than you is awakening. It transforms your viewpoints and increases your empathy towards others.

Routines are essential to our ordinary workdays, but sometimes they just need to be broken. Going to a foreign location stimulates your brain and boosts your mental health. The University of Surrey noticed the differences between two groups of people: the vacationers and the non-vacationers. Evidently, the vacationers were happier than the non-vacationers. Just anticipation alone boosted their mental well-being before their vacation.

The moment we arrive at our destined location, we walk into the polarity of your daily life. A land filled with different perspectives than our own will reshape our vision and increase gratitude. Exploring different cultures and experiences will help us understand the world will live in. Miami is a mixture of different cultures; it’s like one big exotic soup. Although, some are not aware of where the spices come from or how they were grown. Traveling gives us the opportunity to see how things come to be.

Below you will find a Ted Talk on the importance of traveling and how it is transformative. The video below mentions the experience of a group of students visiting Costa Rica. When they came back to their hometown, their cups of gratitude were overfilled. The schools in the US are different than the ones in third-world countries. So, it is eye-opening to see children in third-world countries having the time of their life with just a tire as a toy.

Six Transformative Travel Destinations

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Book a Retreat in South India

Are your muscles sore and tense and in need of a week of yoga? Look no further. South India offers top-of-the-line yoga retreats. There are many options to choose from. It also includes vegetarian meals, and we all know that Indians are the kings and queens of vegetarian foods. So, think about it… There you are in a child pose after slaying all those yoga moves in an Indian Temple. Then feasting on the best Indian food you’ve ever had.

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National Park Away from your Hometown

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Is India too far for you now? If so, it’s ok, I got you covered! The U.S. is filled with many national parks that will leave you in awe. The Yellowstone National park is located in Wyoming. This park will be like no other since it holds much animal life such as elks, bison, and more! Besides seeing a world of animal life, you can de-stress in the river and sleep after a day of hiking in a cozy cabin. Nature is healing, therefore, it is transformative. Especially when you sleep in it for more than three days!

Check out these other national parks in the U.S. for more options!


Have you been dreaming of living a fairy-tale life for just a week or so? If you have, this is the right place! When you hear the word Scottland, you may just think of plaid and hear the sound of bagpipes in your head. Break that illusion because it is much more than that.

There are cottages deep in nature waiting for you. Many of the places to stay at offer exquisite nature views out of every window. Living in the suburbs or any community can be nice, but can you imagine waking up to the sight of pure nature and just the sound of birds. We are so used to waking up to the sound of the garbage truck or some “cool” teenager speeding in their new sports car. After this kind of trip, we won’t just be transformed. You will be missing the peace and quiet!

Cambodia, Asia

Always wanted to learn the ways of the monks?! Now’s your chance! Well, to be a full-time monk, you need to give up everything pretty much. Monks just meditate, pray, and eat. So, they can’t get jobs or obtain any money. You may be wondering how can they survive?! The local villages give food to them during certain hours, how nice, right?

This transformative travel destination is akin to the one in India except this one is embedded in Asian Culture. Asian yoga is different than India. The differences can be small or big. It depends where you choose to go.

A Historic District of Your Choice

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If nature is not your thing, then try out a historic place! For example, Europe holds much history and ancient churches. If Europe is too far, then the US is a good choice as well.

There are many captivating museums (some are free on select days only) in Washington D.C. and Boston. The museums in D.C. put any other museum to shame. You can spend hours examing the history of science, nature, and of the U.S. After all the time spent exploring history, you will feel that your knowledge has expanded, leaving you transformed.

Go to Any Foreign Location and Act like a Local

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If the options above are not aligned with your vacation goals, then pick the place of your dreams and go there acting like a local! You will get a rich experience by eating what the locals eat and by being more near the people of the country of your choice. Also, volunteer somewhere nearby just so you can get access to a school or wherever you choose to volunteer. You will feel a sense of accomplishment by being a helping hand and gratuity. When you return home, you appreciate the things you have more and might even miss the simpler life of the country you choose.

My Two Cents

Wherever you choose to go, I hope you feel anew after the unique experience. Make sure you choose a safe location and look into the links I posted within the article for more clarification.

Safe travels!

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