Something’s Brewing in Miami and It’s not Cafecito.

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Something’s Brewing in Miami and It’s not Cafecito.

Date: Mar 20, 2023
Author: Dimarco Barea 740 No Comments

But I’m pleased to admit I’m enjoying my 3:05 cafecito as I type (sip).

What’s the Brew?

The birthplace of our Cuban cafecito tradition brings us another favorite Miami tradition, beer. Cuba’s First Beer™ Cerveza La Tropical, La Original, is the nation’s most iconic beer. After decades of hardships and lack of federal funding, Cerveceria La Tropical and Concrete Beach Brewery are teaming up to re-launch La Original using the founding family’s original recipe from 1888. Join them in Wynwood this Saturday, May 22 to taste this Vienna-style lager with the brewery’s namesake, La Tropical. Cuban music from Miami-local band Oriente will be paired with tradition Caja-China food in honor of the Cuban heritage of this beautiful beer.

“From the inception of Concrete Beach, our mission has been to capture the cultures and flavors of Miami. What better way to do that than by re-launching this great Cuban beer for everyone here to enjoy?” -Alan Newman, founder of Concrete Beach Brewery

The History of Cerveceria La Tropical

Cerveza la Tropical Wynwood

The original Cuban brewery, Cerveceria La Tropical, was founded in Havana in 1888 by the Blanco Herrera family. Over the years, La Tropical grew to become the largest brewer in Cuba with popular beer styles such as Cerveza La Tropical and Cristal, among others. By 1958, La Tropical accounted for nearly 60% of all beer sold in Cuba (source: Archival United Nations commerce data). In 1960, the brewery was nationalized by the Cuban government and eventually closed its doors in 2008 due to a lack of funds. Although closed, the name is not forgotten and the property still adorns its famous beer gardens and a Havana baseball stadium bears its name.


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