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Spellbound Grand Opening

Date: May 29, 2020
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My first impression when I was told it’s in the basement of the Fairwind Hotel, a speakeasy vibe ok, we’re through the door, we’re inside, no, not yet… like quicksilver the sights hit me, lighting the small enclave, there’s a giant standing candelabra to my right at the foot of the stairs, then to my left behind the hostess, a giant high-backed black wooden & leather chair staring you down, and the place immediately reveals that it’s much more than a speakeasy.

It’s a glamorously hidden secret, and then the sensually designed wallpaper welcomes your descent into a unique sanctuary that hides you from the harshness of the touristy South Beach nightmare up above. The choice of furniture is dreamy, classic, and goes with the wallpaper so perfectly. The drink menu concept of tarot is “SO SPOT ON” & delightfully interactive, it’s like having your future drinks read to you by a psychic.

The drink menu is eclectic in its variety & crafty in each & every drinks distinct design. There is something for everyone, from foodies who enjoy flavor in their spirit to those who are spiritual enough to enjoy a well-made boozy cocktail without fear of prayers. Once the music began to bang & boogie through the air, the vice, the vibe, the verve was set to let one linger for a couple of hours longer than expected. Like being locked in a witchy spell, we sat & imbibed the night, the tunes, the misty moments in Spellbound for 3+ hours.

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