The Benefits of Being in Nature

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The Benefits of Being in Nature

Date: Oct 23, 2021
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By: Ariana Rodriguez

sustainable travel - low-angle photography of green leaf trees at daytime
Forest with Spanish moss tress

Are you feeling breathless after a heavy workload or just life in general? No problem, nature has your back. Like it happens in sustainable travel, nature offers the medicine, and all we have to do is look for the remedy. There are loads of benefits of nature, and you can enjoy them just by walking in it. This article will show you these benefits and how you can make the most of your time around green sceneries. First, let me show you my top favorite nature parks in South Florida.

Best Nature Parks

Your backyard can be for emergency only, or maybe you have your garden. Not all backyards are created equal. So, below you will find the best nature parks in South Florida, perfect for some adventure travel or sustainable travel.

Tree Tops

Located in Davie, FL

You will get major Tennesse vibes as you walk on the nature trails of Tree Tops. This is a great spot for sustainable travel, where you will get an extra dose of oxygen, and your body will intake like a glass of freshwater.

Hughe Birch State Park

Located in Fort Lauderdale

For the perfect sustainable travel or adventure travel destination, the Hughe Birch State Park also has nature trails that lead you to a beautiful lake with views unparalleled to almost any park. Across the lake, some mansions can inspire you or just plain aesthetic views.

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Located in Delray, Beach

Can’t go to Japan this summer? If you want to stay local and sustainable, you are only an hour away from a gorgeous Japanese garden. Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens will expel any extra layers of anxiety you may have. You can take some insta-worthy photos as you stroll the gardens.

The Benefits of Nature

There have been studies regarding the benefits of nature for humans. Science, in fact, says that nature walks help your cognitive memory. Fifty minutes or more of walking will do the trick, and if fifty minutes is too much, thirty minutes of walking will also help tremendously. Although, walking for as little as five minutes will not be so beneficial.

So, before your next test or project, make sure to take a nice walk under the rich trees. These days life is so busy, and sometimes we have no time to unwind and de-stress. Nature walks help you feel less stressed in no time. Although, as was said, gaining extra cognitive power will take more time.

Some people think a trip to paradise is the only way to alleviate stress, but you only need to get in tune with nature, that’s it. Nothing complicated necessary. Anxiety is difficult as it is—no need to add more wood to the fire.

Get the Most of your Nature Walk

sustainable travel - silhouette of trees during sunset
Sunny Valley

The sun gives you a nice dose of vitamin D, which instantly lifts your mood. Did you know that vitamin D deficiencies can lead to depression? Getting some sun is imperative for your overall health. Unfortunately, sunscreen inhibits the absorption of vitamin D in your body.

So, make sure to get a little sun without sunscreen and then place sunscreen on after getting thirty minutes of mild sun. Always put on sunscreen if you are in direct sunlight and if your skin is ultra-sensitive. Consult your doctor because everybody is different.

My Two Cents

In this day and age, we must do everything to regain ourselves and improve our cognition, and this can be done by going through nature and perhaps, doing some sustainable traveling. Stress takes a toll on our cognition, and I am sure many of you have experienced some anxiety. It is essential to de-stress as much as you can, and walking in nature is the ultimate remedy, plus it is a very sustainable activity. Go out and let your body heal!

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