The Best Adventure Travel Experiences in South Florida

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The Best Adventure Travel Experiences in South Florida

Date: Oct 23, 2021
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As things start reopening in many states thanks to the distribution of vaccines, people all around the country are looking to restart their quest for sustainable travel, and South Florida is a great place to start. Enjoying tropical weather almost all year round being a coastal state, Florida’s adventurous travels in the south are had at sea, lakes, and forests, thanks to the vast array of landscapes and biomes in this territory.

This gives you the opportunity to interact with the beauty of marine and tropical life anywhere you set foot! For those eager to start exploring around once again, we have come up with a list of 5 adventure travel experiences you can do while visiting the South of Florida.


The Florida Department of Environmental Protection highly promotes the many activities that travelers can do in the open in South Florida, many of which include camping. With a friendly parks system, the Department offers from regular camping with certain accommodations and facilities to cabin, RV and boat camping, leaving you with enough options to let you decide what you would like to explore that specific trip, be it forests and lakes or beaches and mangroves.

Their page will give you detailed information on how to make a reservation and what this would include, plus the number of days you can stay at once and any specific fees there might be.

sustainable travel - camping at night with friends around fire
Camping at night

Kayaking and Canoeing

For those fond of the water and sustainable travel, the Miami Dade County’s Parks and Recreation Department has created a page that collects all ecological activities you can do in and around the water under the name Miami EcoAdventures.

After deciding which specific activity you would like to go for, a long list of places in between the Gables and the Keys awaits for you to decide which one fits what you are looking for the most! When picking your place, you will be able to see the specifics of each site, including any disability accommodations, hours of operations and any season-related disclaimer, as not all locations will operate all year-round to preserve the site’s fauna and the needs of its species.

Sustainable travel - girl kayaking in bay
Kayaking in Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Biking and Hiking

If you would like to go back into the green depths of the South for an adventure, Florida Hikes is the perfect place to start looking! Their webpage predominantly offers trails for biking and hiking, as well as a few camping options, for those who love to get their physical hobbies on while also exploring the beauty of nature’s diversity.

From scenic to dog-friendly and kid-friendly hikes, their page will guide you through their best picks, offer information on what to expect when getting to the place and all reservation information. Each page generally includes a video of the site as well for you to take a sneak peek at what could be your next sustainable travel adventure.

On the other hand, their biking options include paved, off-road and major bike trails found in the South that you can traverse during your travels while enjoying beautiful views. Their page provides videos of the trail and a map with the exact location of each trail.

sustainable travel - walking on wood log in forest
Following trails in hiking routes


With many options to choose from Key to Key in the South, paddleboarding has become a popular sustainable travel activity around the areas with shallow waters. South Florida Finds lists just a few of the places where you can paddleboard your way around pristine waters and beautiful sceneries while practicing this relaxing activity. From the remote Everglades to more luxurious zones such as Virginia Key in Biscayne Bay, the choice is yours on where to paddleboard!

sustainable travel - paddleboarding guy and girl
Paddleboarding in the open sea

Sustainably Sailing

Sailing is one of the most ancient activities enjoyed by the water and powered by it and the wind. With the many coasts and lakes, South Florida does not come up short of opportunities to sail. Viator offers a handy list of sailing experiences that also include wines if desired, snorkeling and diving or simply just sailing away.

We recommend checking out each experience and looking for those with boats that are as eco-friendly as possible, such as ones that can go on autopilot mode to reduce gas emissions or any wind or water-powered ones. During an adventure, caring for nature is still our prime priority!

sustainable travel - sailing in sunset white boat
Sailing through the sunset

We hope these few adventurous activities can inspire you to get back on the road and travel sustainably around the South of Florida, enjoying the benefits of the new normal as safely as can be. After a long period of time staying indoors, there is nothing better for the soul than some outdoors exploring with a dash of wonder and adrenaline here and there, to awaken your spirit once again.

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