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How to Be More Minimalistic

Date: Oct 23, 2021
Author: Ariana Rodriguez 297 No Comments

Author: Ariana Rodriguez

sustainable travel - gray dress shirt hang on brown wooden rack in front of window with white curtain
Sustainable Travel Lifestyle: Minimalist entourage

“Happiness is a place between too little and too much” – says a Finnish Proverb. Too much money can be a waste if there is no happiness. Sustainable travel is built on the practices and/or goals of sustainability. Sometimes even too much food can be a bad thing, and in fact, a nightmare. An avalanche of food coming at you right before your eyes is not quite ideal. In this day and age, the ratio of having more to enough is off. There needs to be a balance in every aspect of life. This article will show you the steps to achieve a minimalistic lifestyle, as it helps you in achieving your sustainability goals too!

What is a Minimalistic Life Style?

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Sustainable Travel Lifestyle: Minimalist decor

A lifestyle free of unnecessary things is a minimalistic lifestyle. Also, it’s a more aesthetic and organized life, both mentally and physically. All the mental clutter and items bursting out of all your cabinets is not a peaceful zen look. It also entails broader choices, such as going from chain hotels to more sustainable travel-conscious options. It can often be stressful if things are too messy, but remember, we need to eliminate the stress. Never add it unnecessarily to your life.

If your issue is having too many clothes, the solution to your problem is simple. Separate the essentials clothes you love from the clothes you would never want to wear again. Donate those unwanted clothes because someone’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you have an overbearing amount of food, donate it. Then you are a step closer to a minimalistic life. The second and final step is to maintain a hoard-free life.

How to Achieve It Sustainably?

sustainable travel - scissors and two paper clips beside opened spiral notebook
Sustainable Travel Lifestyle: Planners and tools for listing goals

Will Power

At first, it may be difficult to get rid of objects and habits that cram up in your living space. You may not want to give away the items you have held for your whole life. Maybe there’s a broken bed frame in your garage, but you have not disposed of it yet due to the memories it holds. Your willpower must rise and see the reality. The reality: an accumulation of unneeded items will only take up space and disorganize your life.

Have a Plan

Create a full vision that pushes you to declutter. For example, how do you imagine your closet to look after the clutter is gone? Would you want to add a thrifted rack or some decoration to your closet? Once you think of the plan of your dreams, you will get to work.

Who doesn’t want to come home to a nice organized home after a long day? Thoroughly think of your plan, but remember to keep it simple. A minimalistic life is all about simplicity and sustainability. Just throw out what you no longer need and keep/get what you need.

The video below is for those concerned with their stuffed closet. This video is the perfect guide for you if that is your case.

Get to the Plan

After you have written down your plan, start slaying it. Don’t overwhelm yourself as you clean, and do it little by little. It can take a week of cleaning or perhaps more. It all depends on your situation, but remember to keep your vision in mind.

My Two Cents

sustainable travel - silhouette photo of man on cliff during sunset
Sustainable Travel Lifestyle: Moments of Minimalism

Hard work pays off. When your life is the way you want it to be, you will feel more satisfied. A clutter-less life is a happy life. This can also help you make better life choices, and perhaps more simplistic ones too. You might want to ditch the luxurious resort plans and do some adventure travel instead! Just surround yourself with what fills you with essential joy, and you will feel more light.

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