How To Stay on Trend the Eco-Friendly Way

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How To Stay on Trend the Eco-Friendly Way

Date: Sep 24, 2021
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By: Ariana Rodriguez

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Sustainable Thrift Store

As the temp rises, everyone is making their way buying summer dresses and breathy clothing, either for the incoming summer or the weather of their next sustainable travel destination. It seems as fashion changes like the seasons. In the fall, we almost camouflage with the crimson leaves of Autumn. In the summer, our wardrobe is as bright as our sunny days. There are drastic changes in people’s wardrobes, and summer is the most different season from the rest (unless you live in a warm climate throughout the year).

A new summer season calls for a whole new wardrobe, but how can we do it with sustainability in mind? Stores relentlessly throw advertisements and promos on all social media platforms, leaving us the urge to buy everything without thinking. This article will help you get the summer wardrobe of your dreams without damaging the Earth.

Why Shop Sustainably?

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Switch from Fast Fashion to Sustainable Clothing

Slaves could have made the shirt you are wearing; yes, you read that correctly. Stores and clothing lines like Forever 21 and Kendall and Kylie do not pay their employers sufficiently. Sometimes they do not pay them at all. The people who sew our clothes should get a six-figure salary. I mean, who are we without them, right?

Like sustainable travel, nowadays fast fashion is easily accessible to everyone. Sustainable stores and thrift stores are considered hidden gems for a reason, but they need to become accessible to everyone as well. Below you will see a list of thrift stores and vintage stores that are sustainable and eco-friendly. I will also share the sustainable eco-friendly stores in South Florida.

Thrift [and Vintage] Stores in South Florida

Cooper City Antique Mall

Located in Cooper City, Florida

This antique store is the perfect place for finding a cool retro piece to add to your summer fashion wardrobe. You can search for leather jackets that will add cool vibes to your summer night beach photoshoot.

Address: 9800 FL-818, Cooper City, FL 33328

The Rabbit Hole

Located in North Miami

Address: 791 NE 125th St

This is the real rabbit hole right here. Do you think Alice got lost? Imagine yourself between clothes from many decades. Want to look like summer chic from the 70s, 80s, 90s, or every decade together.

Eco-Friendly Stores

Teas and Poets

Located in Sunset Mall

This place will not disappoint. If I lived closer to Teas and Poets, I would be there every day. They have everything from teas to local pastries (like Knaus Berry Farm Cinnamon Rolls) available. You can snack and study there before or after you roam around the whimsical store. There are many local businesses in it. You can find the perfect bathing suit, skirt, jewelry, and so much more to ensemble the garments for your next sustainable travel adventure.

Free People

Located in Aventura Mall and The Galleria Mall

Just by walking into this store, you will feel like you are in a boho jungle dream. There are plants, dream catchers, and so many adorable boho decorations at the store. Besides the aesthetics of the store, their clothes are out of this world. Honestly, these designs are unmatched and you will stand out from any crowd in a good way.

The Golden Triangle

Located in Coral Gables

I personally have not been here, but I can tell that this place is worth visiting just by looking at the pictures and reviews. This is a bohemian store filled with the perfect bohemian jewelry that you will need for summer.

Look for Those Hidden Gems

I am currently looking for more sustainable stores in the community that align with my style. Vintage stores and thrift stores may be your best bet. Google will be your friend through this kind of journey. Search for “thrift stores near me” on Google, and you will be a step closer to your sustainable lifestyle.

For the time being, check out these sustainable fashion lines below:

Chai London

People Tree

Alternative Apparel

My Two Cents

Aim for the essentials for Summer. Shop less and make more time for a better you this Summer. 2020 was an unwanted fashion statement we were all wearing. Now, let’s remove the stress and have fun in style while saving the world.

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