Top Sustainable Summer Spots in South Florida

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Top Sustainable Summer Spots in South Florida

Date: Oct 23, 2021
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By Ariana Rodriguez

sustainable travel miami - selective focus photography of yellow sunflowers during daytime
Sunflowers during summer

Last summer, we had to put a stop to sustainable travel and went with staycations and at-home spas instead, because we did not have much of a choice. Things will be different this summer! Florida is one of the most “open” states to encounter more people from all over the US this summer. Let’s face it; no one plays as hard as Floridians.

South Florida offers an array of sustainable experiences. There are many cultures which bring diverse foods and activities. A dull moment will never happen if you go to the right places, and this article will help you do so! Below you will find some top favorite places in South Florida.

Yellow Green Sustainable Farmer’s Market

sustainable travel miami - orange fruits on brown wooden table
Produce stands at Yellow Green Farmer’s Market

Located in Hollywood, Florida

Do you have a hard time figuring out what you want to eat? Look no further. The Yellow Green Farmer’s Market has a world full of sustainability options for you. You can get an Ethiopian meal or some homemade fresh pasta. They pretty much have everything there.

There is more than just delicious food there. To help your sustainable lifestyle efforts, want a new vegan hair mask? Several vendors make their hair masks and beauty products. Also, some vendors even make handmade crystal jewelry and clothing. It gets hot there during the summer, but their refreshing ice cream makes it all better.

Clam Class Park (Naples)

sustainable travel miami - lonely beach
Lonely beaches at Clam Class Park

Most beaches are overcrowded, but Clam Class park remains pretty empty and calm. The moment you get to the entrance to the article, a golf cart will pick you up and drive you down a tunnel of trees on a boardwalk. You can either grab food at the restaurant at the beach or try one of the top-rated restaurants near the beach.

Sustainable Berry Farm (Homestead)

sustainable travel miami - red strawberries
Strawberries in the Summer

Strawberry picking sounds like the most summery thing, right? At the Berry Farm, you can pick strawberries and enjoy the nature around you. There are bright tulips and all kinds of flowers. You can take insta-worthy pictures there before you grab their famous strawberry sundaes. Berry Farms is just the perfect summer spot!

Pines Ice Arena

sustainable travel miami - person wearing white and gray skate shoes inside ice skating rink
Ice Skating Ring

Ice skating is the perfect way to cool down this summer. The Floridian can get pretty angry, but the Pines Ice Arena will cool everyone down in no time.

Buena Vista (Miami)

sustainable travel miami - people laughing and talking outside during daytime
Friends having fun at Upper Buena Vista

Can’t go to Tulum this summer? No problem, stay local! Upper Buena Vista is a fresh scratch kitchen with beachy bohemian decor. There are several options available as well. Want a day where you can have fun and then finish your work right after? Then this is the place. There’s a coffee shop near all the restaurants, so make sure to bring your laptop! Check out the video below for the hype.

Hughe Birch State Park (Fort Lauderdale)

Hughe Birch State Park is the perfect place for adventure travel! Go from kayaking to throwing a picnic/BBQ. There is also a nature trail that will leave you in awe. There is access to the beach as well. I recommend going on a weekday for a more relaxing experience. If you are looking to do some sustainable travel, this is the spot.

Tate’s Comic (Fort Lauderdale)

sustainable travel miami - woman in black, blue, and red shirt lying on surface while reading magazine
Reading at a Comic Book Shop

This local comic book store is unparalleled to any other ordinary book store. You will come across life-sized action figures and an array of comics and anime books. So many unique finds you will stumble upon as you explore the store.

My Two Cents

This article was just a small list of cool hidden gems out in South Florida to enhance your sustainable travel experience. Korean restaurants and museums are also a must-do this summer! Use google as your guide and search for what your heart desires. Like your yearbook signatures would say: Have a great summer!

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