Take A Peek Inside: Wynwood’s The Electric Pickle Co.

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Take A Peek Inside: Wynwood’s The Electric Pickle Co.

Date: Feb 1, 2023
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The Vibe

Imagine yourself riding the strobe light waves, your heart beats as the bass drops and your breathing is in queue. The room is dim, and all you can feel are the people next to you. The underground house, dance, and techno playing from the sound system is taking your body on a journey. You are flailing your arms into the air, letting your hair down, and your feet are leaving impressions in the dance floor. This is The Electric Pickle Co. Miami.

electric pickle logo


The Facts

electric pickle exteriorKnown by Rolling Stones, as one of the best dance clubs in the country, it is one of Miamis best kept secrets. The Electric Pickle is in it’s 6th year of business and has housed many local, legendary and international disc jockeys to date. This neighborhood lounge is a true gem sitting on North Miami Avenue between 28th and 29th NW streets. You cant miss it with its gleaming Bar / Lounge neon lights and street art surrounding the entrance door. Hours of operation are Thursday – Saturday 10:00 post meridiem to 5:00 ante meridiem.

Named after the electric pickle science experiement, the Electric Pickle has 2 levels. The upstairs room, known as the El Bolero room, is designed with an old school airline captains theme. With that in mind, if you are looking for the touristy beach bottle service complete with model servers, sparklers and alcohol sponsored ice buckets, this is not the place. This place is for true underground dance, techno, and house heads who love a good thrill.

electric pickle downstairs bar electric pickle couch el boloero room

The Scene

I attended on a Thursday. The downstairs bar was closed, but the El Bolero was where the party was. I followed behind a crowd up the stairs, and was greeted immediately by the dance floor and the dj booth to my right. The small bar was full, as a bartender who reminded me of Uma Thurman poured drinks. The music was pumping, and people were slowly arriving in the 11 o’clock hour. By midnight, the scene was truly coming alive, and my serotonin levels were increasing (or it could have been the small batch rye whiskey telling me to snap my fingers to the beat, but who knows).

I was immersed in the energy. Underneath the warm leather banquet seating hid sub-woofers, where I sat temporarily. I could feel the bass booming, elevating my senses. The Satellite lighting structure was taking over the room, and hypnotizing with it’s rhythmic glow. The crowd was diverse, but they all came with one idea in mind, to turn up.

 Electric pickle crowd EP9 (1) electric pickle dj booth

Resident dj Tavin and the Nudist featured dj Miguel Lega on the 1s and 2s, and they did not disappoint. The deep house vibes carried with it some latin/tribal markings that reminded you that you were definitely in Miami.

After a few cocktails, this solo party had to depart. As I approached the door,  hot and out of breath,something said not so fast. The fog machine came on and permeated the room with such cooling intensity. It felt as though Winter had come in from the Mid West just to say hello. It was refreshing and energizing like a breath of fresh air. It didn’t stay on long, but it was definitely the icing on the cake. I left with a smile on my face because I had just experienced destiny.

electric pickle downstairs electric pickle mirror ball electric pickle behind dj booth

The Future

Renovations are underway for an outside/patio area so you will be able to dance underneath the stars, or sip and stargaze. Plans to open on Tuesday and Wednesday are also in the works. They intend on providing 20% off key chains to service industry professionals, and a half-off Wednesday.

Grab your water, and get your ears ready, Miami. The Electric Pickle anticipates booking more international talent, and you know the turn up is going to be real.

If you want to stay up to date with The Electric Pickle, follow their Instagram account, or like them on Facebook.

Upstairs ber electric pickle aloe blac electric pickle bolero room

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