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Tech Spotlight: Goodtella

Date: Aug 11, 2020
Author: Dimarco Barea 353 No Comments

In a culture that is so driven by tourism, nightlife and hospitality a local entrepreneur named Jennifer Farias has focused her effort into creating a “locals-focused” startup named Goodtella. As Miami’s first crowdsourced locals publication we focus on covering the people that make our community vibrant and beautiful. Here is Jenny Farias and this is her story.

Who is Jenny Farias and why did she start Goodtella?

Jenny Farias is an in-the-know local Miamian who can be found frequenting the chicest and up and coming venues across town. She is an entrepreneur who founded Goodtella, a food and lifestyle blog that publishes content on the local culinary scene in South Florida.


How is Goodtella different than Yelp or Review sites like Thrillist?

Goodtella is not a review site. You will never find a negative review here. It’s a blog that will focus on spotlighting places in town that are offering really cool and unique things. Sharing the good-to-know by local experts will be the biggest differentiator from other sites out there. After all, don’t locals know best?

There’s a big movement in Miami around Women in Tech in the Startup community, what’s your 2 cents? Do you consider yourself part of it?

I do. I have long-term plans for the brand that involve a tech component mixed with personalized concierge style service.

Where do you see Goodtella in the next year?

Goodtella just launched in the fall of 2014. I hope to see it grow in 2015 and become a go-to resource for locally sourced recommendations on Miami’s food & drink scene.


Goodtella is a Miami-based food & lifestyle blog spotlighting the best places to eat, drink and play in South Florida and beyond. Whether it’s featuring a new hot spot or a local neighborhood hole-in-the-wall, Goodtella will bring you all the good-to-know facts making it simple for you to choose where to dine, drink & indulge.

Name: Jenny Farias


Instagram: @goodtellablog

Twitter: @goodtellablog

Facebook: facebook.com/goodtella

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