Tech Tuesday: New App Launch for Grab and Fly!

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Tech Tuesday: New App Launch for Grab and Fly!

Date: Jan 23, 2022
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What is Grab?Midtown Miami Grab App

The largest e-commerce platform in U.S. airports, Grab is the mobile application modernizing and simplifying the purchase of airport necessities. Grab’s on-demand mobile ordering platform enables time-pressed travelers to pre-order for pick-up at a variety of restaurants and retailers in a growing number of airports. Grab allows users to view menus, gauge wait-times, and place or hold pre-paid orders at participating airport restaurants, retailers, and services.

What gave you the idea?

As frequent travelers and airline industry veterans, our team regularly felt the stress and pressure of racing to make a flight. With few airlines offering food in-flight (even for purchase), we’ve also experienced the hunger that comes from not having time to stop and eat in the airport before boarding or making a connection. We found it frustrating that there was no way to place an order from our phones for pick-up when needed. Recognizing a serious gap in the travel industry, we set out to create a solution to help travelers have a more enjoyable and convenient travel experience. Thus, Grab was born.

How will someone in or visiting Miami benefit from using Grab?

Grab is currently available in Terminals 3 and 4 at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL). Travelers through these terminals are able to download the app and order from their phone, saving time and the hassle of waiting in line at the airport. For many frequent travelers, there is not enough time to wait in line and place an order before heading to the gate. Grab allows these travelers to order when they are in the security line, in a car on the way to the airport or if they have just landed and are heading to a connecting flight or security. Customers can then utilize express pickup and grab their food on the way to their gate.

How many cities are you currently in?

Grab is currently in 6 cities (Austin, Atlanta, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale, New Orleans, and Oklahoma City). Grab is rapidly expanding its base, with over 200 restaurant partners across 17 airports from South Florida to the West Coast slated to launch the mobile ordering platform in the next few months.

Where will Grab be in 5 Years?

Grab will be available at all airports worldwide, powering e-commerce transactions for busy travelers wherever they fly.

What’s your next big idea?

Grab is currently working on integrating into airline apps and is excited to launch its first partnership with American Airlines this summer. Integrating into popular travel apps allows us to improve the customer experience by creating curated content for travelers along their path through the airport automatically.

Founder Profile:

Grab has 4 founders who came together to improve the airport experience.

Mark Bergsrud (CEO) – 20-year marketing, e-commerce and loyalty executive within the airline industry. Former SVP Marketing at United & Continental

Jeff Livney (CXO) – 10 years experience in digital & mobile marketing. Managing Director at snapshot overseeing brand and interactive strategy. Founder at Livney+Partners. Named Texas Youth Entrepreneur of the Year

Michael Natale (CTO) – 20-year career managing technology programs in the airline industry. Former VP & Chief Technology Officer at Continental, Managing Director of Customer Experience at United

Mark Pearson (CFO) – 14-year airline industry career in finance, real estate and M&A including 5 years as Continental’s Senior Director, Global Real Estate managing all airport affairs including the airline’s hub concessions programs.

Grab App

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